Episode 262. Ford Focus CC. EY07 HSG. (Part 6).

 Mrs Clints Focus... Man alive I do like this car, it's just such a cool little car for a bit of open top motoring. I like its nice coupé looks that I look at while it's parked outside BelongaClint. I Like the comfortable interior, and the ride that you get while you're driving it. I really enjoy just how spritely it is, and how it drives like a scaled up StreetKa. But most of all, I think that it's allure for me is that it's the forbidden fruit, and I'm not really supposed to be driving it under any circumstances. Even though the sCRAP nugget StreetKa is now on the road, I still find myself thinking that I'd quite like to just take the Focus Cc out for a bit of a spin every now and then.

Back in August when I last snuck out without Mrs Clints supervision in the Focus Cc I found myself thinking that I really had no plans to sell this little thing any time soon, and as Mrs Clint had not spoken about selling it I figured that it would nestle safely in my little fleet for a little while longer. But then, the other day while I was out and about in the sCRAP nugget I get this text from her worshipfulness saying that she needs a new car. I asked her what had happened to her Focus, this was quickly followed up with a photograph...

And a caption that just read, And away it goes...! 

What the heck? What kind of madness is this I thought to myself. I asked her worshipfulness where it was going, and who was driving it?  She told me that it was going to Birmingham, with its new owner. Then went on to say that she thought that she'd sell it, so put it on farcebook, and someone just bought it for £800! Hmm, well I guess that is a little bit more than I paid for it, but I'd have probably hoped for a little bit more if I'm honest, especially as I'm not exactly ready to sell it yet. Not that any of that matters now, because it's gone, and for once I had nothing to do with the departure of Mrs Clints car, so presumably I can't get in trouble for it.

So what did I think about it? Well, I'm sure you already know that despite a somewhat rocky start to our ownership of it when I initially gave it to her worshipfulness I loved it, and I think she did too. Oh, and incase you're wondering, her eybrows did grow back! I must admit that I have thought about a Focus Cc ever since seeing one at the 2008 London Motorshow. I just thought that despite being just a Focus with the roof chopped off they were such a cool looking car that at some point I would just have to own one. I'll admit that I was really after a brown/bronze one, as that was the colour of the one at the motorshow, and to my eyes that is the colour that looks best on these. But despite red being my least favourite colour, this one was cheap, close, and most importantly readily available to fill the gap left in my little fleet when I sold Mrs Clints dull as ditch water Honda CR-v.

I must admit that as much I do like the StreetKas that I've had, even the sCRAP nugget, they really are splendid little cars to drive, but the Focus CC is better. Although the Focus possibly isn't better to drive, I do think they're a better looking car, they drive quite nicely, and feel a bit more refined than the StreetKa. Although it has to be said that the handling is nowhere near as crisp as the StreetKa, this no doubt that is down to the fact that I've got a taller profile tyre, and smaller wheels on this particular Focus Cc than it probably should have. The other thing that makes the Focus a better car, or at least for my little family is that it has four seats, and so, all four of us can go out in it, unlike the StreetKa, that obviously only has the two. That being said there are definately benefits sometimes to just having two seats, like the tranquilty of solitude when I take the StreetKa out for a spin on my own in the evening so that I can be alone with the voices in my head.

Anyway, my focus of this particular post should be the erm, Focus, so back to the plot. To be honest I really can't fault the Focus to drive, it's just a really lovely thing to drive, and there's almost nothing bad that I could say about it... Almost! It has been pretty good to own, and really, short of regular maintenance it's needed very little spannering on it. However, when it has needed parts I have found the parts to be quite expensive, especially if that particular part is specific to the Focus Cc. This has been made worse because when I originally bought this I also had in mind to buy a Megane Cc instead, and so whenever I've needed a specific Focus Cc part I've found myself looking at the similar part for a Megane Cc only to find that the Renault part is always far far cheaper. 

The bit that sticks in my mind almost two years after buying it was the piece of plastic which was just a little bit bigger than the size of an audio cassette that holds the rear side window glass to the to the rail it rolls up and down on. I was struggling to find one on t'internet, and so I wandered into my local Ford dealership to see if they could get me the part I needed. As luck would have it they could, but they didn't have it in stock so the guy on the parts counter said that before he ordered it I would need to pay for it first. I asked him how much it was? He tapped away on his computer, and then said, "That's £417.99 including the VAT, will that be cash or a card?" I told him that was ridiculous, it was almost as much as I'd paid for the whole car, and then wandered off out the door. I felt that there was no way I was paying that for this piece of crappy plastic!  Annoyingly, I then thought about the Megane Cc as they're quite similar looking, and I quite liked them too. I wondered how similar the mechanism was, but unfortunately it wasn't similar at all, it was quite a lot different, and just to rub salt into my wounds they could also be had for just £50 brand new. I'll be honest, this did make me quite irritated with myself, and I still feel a little bit irritated even now. But despite this annoyingly expensive little niggle I think that the fun times we've had in this little car far outweigh the expensive times.

 So would I have another one? Well despite how annoyed I still am about the price of specific Focus Cc parts I'd still have another one. I'd still quite like to have one in the brown/bronze colour they do, so at some point no doubt I'll be moaning about the price of parts for my Focus Cc again. However before I do I think I'd quite like to scratch the Megane Cc itch that I've had for a good long time now. So you may well now be thinking that this will be what replaces the Focus, right? Well wrong apparently. What her Worshipfulness has in mind is a pick up. This I thought was good because for a little while now I've been at a bit of a crossorads with my Navara. A couple of years ago when I bought it I remember thinking that I wasn't sure it was my favourite of all the pick ups I've owned, I felt that it was more agricultural than the Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, and Ford pick ups that preceeded it in my automotive back catalogue. But I remember thinking that maybe it would grow on me the more I drove it, and a couple of years, and several thousand miles later the Navara has grown on me, this truck is good. But despite how good the Navara is, I just feel like a change, but I don't want to get rid of it. So when Mrs Clint said that she would like a pick up my initial thought was that she would like it. I mean it's perfect, I know it's good, I know what it's like, and if she had it, I could buy myself something else, and still get to keep the Navara that I like. It's a win win right? Erm, No, for whatever reason she doesn't like my Navara... Weird! I mean, what's not to like? 

The thing is what has caught the eye of her Worshipfulness is actually a first generation Ford Ranger, or a fifth generation Mazda B-Series pick up if you will. I have been busy trying to convince her that my Navara, which is about the same age as the Ranger she wants is actually better. I mean, I like the Ranger, and I thought my second generation Ranger was great, but would I swap it for my Navara? Doubtful! I remember thinking a couple of months back that there was the really risky way of hanging on to my Navara, and that was to sell Mrs Clints Focus Cc, and give her my Navara while I 'look' for a new car for her worshipfulness. So with part one of that plan acheived by her worshipfulness herself, do I now start looking for a Ranger (that I'll never find). All the while letting her borrow my Navara so that hopefully she'll realise just how good my Navara is to drive, start to enjoy it, and with any luck she'll decide to keep it. Maybe I might have to give it a little bit more thought. I'll let you know how I get on. I wonder how she would react if she's driving the Navara, and I came home with something like a Dakota? Would she decide that the Dakota would be the way forwards for her? They're not a massive truck, really not much bigger than a Ranger or something like that. I've had one before and she didn't mind driving that as I remember. I dunno, perhaps I should just find her a Ranger, or Mazda B-series pick up, that way everyeone should be happy. Except really, I do think that my Navara would be best for her, I just feel it's too good to sell, especially as it's a pick up, and she wants a pick up, why go looking for something else? I think the answer here is to let her borrow it for a couple of weeks, or as long as I can get away with. Then, if she really doesn't like it, maybe start to casually, or VERY casually look for a Ranger. Time will tell as ever, but personally I've got everything crossed that she comes to her senses and realises that a black Navara is actually the way forward for her.