Episode 259. Ford StreetKa. WU04 ZLV. (Part 4).

Due to it being the Summer holidays work on my little sCRAP nugget has had to come to a bit of a halt. This is because Mrs Clint has decided that we need to take our little family to our secret hideout which is about 163 miles away from BelongaClint in a West-North-West direction and have a little bit of rest and relaxation.

I'll be honest, with the my hopeful finish date fast approaching I was a little bit bummed out to having to take some timeout and head off for a little bit of fun in the sun (possibly) with my little family, but I figured that it would be time well spent. Besides I could always shop for parts, and either get them delivered, or pick them up on the way, right? I hit farcebook, and fleabay looking for parts that could be collected en route, and pretty soon I had located the previously mentioned purple bootlid, some headlights, door cards, and door mirrors. I arranged with all the sellers to pick them up from them on the same day, and gave them the times that I hoped I would arrive. We got ready to set off, normally we would usually take Mrs Clints Focus, but as big as the boot is on that thing I felt that with our luggage I may struggle to fit another bootlid in there. Of course, this was all still a bit of a secret from Mrs Clint, and so when she got outside she was quite surprised to see the Navara all fuelled up, loaded up, and ready to go! That being said, as unimpressed as she was about taking the Navara on a 163 mile drive, she was not as unimpressed as our two little Monsters were about the thought of sitting in the little jump seats in the back of the Navara for the best part of three hours.

After a little bit of whinging they all did jump in, I think that the promise of a big ice cream at one of Mrs Clints favourite resturaunts when we finally got there was the was the thing that won them over, and so off we went.

Pretty soon Mrs Clint, who to be fair is not known for her amazing sense of direction had realised that we were not heading the in the right direction. So she asked me where I thought I was going? I said that I had told her that I was picking up some parts on the way. Yes, she said, but you said you were picking up some parts in Wales, and we've done this trip so many times that I know that Wales doesn't start with the M3. You're right, I replied, then, as I felt I was on a bit of a roll I thought I'd ask if she knew which road we would normally use. She was a bit unsure, but eventually said, "erm... M... 4?" Well eventually, I said, and the good news is that eventually we will be on the M4 as usual, but I said, we've got to go to Reading first to collect some headlights? She asked me if Reading was 'on the way'? I said that it is on this day. Then my littlest Monster, who has always been something of a navigator even from a very young age chirped in, "I think we're heading away from Wales." "Are we going away from Wales? Are we really heading in the wrong direction?" Mrs Clint said. I looked at her Worshipfulness and just said, Yep, for a little bit, but not too far. She wasn't happy, and told me that she thought she might have two ice creams when we eventually get there.

With the headlights picked up (£20) We were finally on the M4 and Mrs Clint was happy, "Is that it?" She said, "are we going to Wales now?" Knowing that Mrs Clint usually nods off pretty quickly once we were driving I said yes, to Wales now. Of course we weren't, it was on to the next point of collection, Bristol for some door cards, and door mirrors, but I figured that by the time we'd driven the 77 miles from Reading to Bristol she would be fast asleep... You know what? She wasn't, and as we pulled off the M4 onto the M32 she said, "This isn't the way!" I said it was a new way, a short cut! "No is isn't!" she said, "What are we picking up now?" I said a few more bits for the StreetKa, door cards and door mirrors. "This had better not take too long!" she replied.

With the cards (£10) collected from one side of Bristol, I set the sat nav for the other side of Bristol to collect the door mirrors.

Mrs Clint was not impressed that I wasn't collecting both the door cards, and the door mirrors from the same place, but I told her that the mirrors that we were collecting were actually on the way back to the M4. I pulled up outside the sellers house, slapped £20 in his hand, took the mirrors and skipped back to the Navara! I jumped in, smiled at Mrs Clint, gave her a kiss and just said, Right! "That's it," she said, "To Wales now?" I looked at her and just said, yep, to Wales now.

As we crossed over the Severn Bridge I pointed out the sign by the side of the road that says 'Croeso i Gynru' "Good" she said, "It's about time!" To be honest I didn't have the heart to tell her that in about 25 miles we'd be pulling off the M4 again to collect the bootlid, and once more I hoped that she would nod off by then so that I could do it without her noticing. But no, as we pulled off the M4 she said, "What are we doing now, this isn't the way." I said that I was collecting a bootlid. She wasn't happy, and said that she thought that after picking up the door cards and mirrors we were going straight to Wales. I said we are in Wales, and reminded her that at the beginning of the trip I said that I would be collecting some parts in Wales. She didn't need to say anything, I could tell by the look on her face that she was probably as far from being impressed as she could possibly be. But then she spoke, "This is the last bit you're collecting right?" I looked at her and just said, Right. "Good!" she said, "You're buying dinner and ice creams tonight, and it's gonna be freakin' epic!"

By the time we had reached our secret hideout in Wales I had added an extra 40 miles to our journey, but worse than that, I'd added just over two hours to the length of the trip. As grumpy as Mrs Clint was, her mood was nothing on the mood of my two little Monsters who had been cramped in two little jump seats in the back of the Navara all day. I was informed by pretty much all my womenfolk that dinner was going to cost me! And cost me it did, for the next week I was buying dinner, and ice cream for my womenfolk, and it seems that they didn't want to eat anywhere cheap. I can't help feeling that if I added all the dinners and ice cream to the cost of my little sCRAP nugget I could've probably bought quite a nice StreetKa to start with instead!

Anyway, we had a pretty good time in Wales for the week, and at the end of the week as we all jumped into the Navara to head home Mrs clint just said, "Straight home without collecting anything, right?" I said, right, and we headed for home.

Once home and with the girls, and our luggage all unloaded I headed off to my garage with my new parts, as Mrs Clint said I wasn't bringing that junk into the flat!

Besides, I was pretty excited to have a bootlid in the right colour, and all week I had been thinking that I couldn't wait to get it on the car to see how good the match was. But you know what? It isn't the right colour. It's metallic purple alright, but it's a slightly different shade. I've no idea what the colour is, but to be honest I think I prefer it to the purple that's already on the car. But whatever the shade is, that's the colour it's staying... It's close enough!

It also has a sticker. Now I'm not the biggest sticker fan, much like scruffy, patina'd cars, I like the idea of them, and when I see someone else's car with stickers and/or patina I like the look of it. But on my car, I never like it. I don't mind one or two on the rear window so much, but stickers on the bodywork, definately not. Back when I got the Talbot Alpine Mrs Clint bought me a couple of stickers that she thought were funny for me to stick on the side of the car. I hated the thought of sticking them on, but I did it anyway, and once they were on I thought they looked pretty cool. So, with this thought in mind, and despite being a little bit tasteless I'm going to leave it on there...

 Besides which, as tasteless as it is I do kinda like it, plus it appears to be lacquered into the paint, so it's there to stay I reckon.

Further more, the more that I think about it, the more I think that perhaps I'll have a few stickers on the bodywork of this car. I remember thinking back when I started this nonsense that I struggle with the idea of owning patina'd, or rat look cars. I want to like them, and when they're somebody elses I do quite like them, but for me, my OCD cuts in, and I always end up feeling that it would be better if the paint all matched, having odd mis-matched panels doesn't sit well with me. I remember hoping that owning this scruffy little StreetKa will help me with that. I'm hoping that I will be able to cope with having a very scruffy little car, and as I'm in this far I'm thinking that maybe I should add a few stickers to the bodywork too. I'm not talking about sticker bombing the thing, that may be a bit too far for me, but maybe just a smattering of stickers on the bodywork, and maybe some sort of roundel with a number. I don't know, maybe that's a bit too far, but it's something that I've thought about doing to some of my caars in the past, but never done it because I think that maybe it'll ruin them. With this however, I'm not sure I could make the bodywork look any worse no matter how many stickers I put on it, or if I even painted it. So perhaps it's time to stick on a few stickers, and see how far I can go before my OCD cuts in and I go, nope, that's enough, and start peeling them back off.

Updates as they occur.

TOTAL SO FAR... £431.