Episode 219. Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet. Y694 MJH. (Part 5).

With the Golf back on ebay, land of the time waster I really started to wonder just if I was going to sell it, and for how much? I never understand why people feel it's ok to view the car after winning the bid and not before, and I'd love to see them at a BCA (or similar) bidding on an old car they just had to push into the ring, winning it, then trying to haggle at the payment window! They'd just never get away with it. But worse than that, there are people out there who just bid on stuff with no intention of buying it if they win. I have a 'friend' and I'm using the term in the loosest possible sense because frankly, he's a knob! But this fella is on ebay 24/7, he loves to bid on stuff, and pretty much anything is fair game. He likes the feeling of winning, and that's great, I mean, who doesn't? The difference is, when he wins he has no intention of ever collecting his winnings. I've asked him what the point of it all is then? He says that he gets a buzz out of winning, and a bigger buzz out of messing the loser around whos selling stuff. What a knobber! I'm sure that he's even bid on my stuff before now, I'm fairly sure that he was one of the first winners on my Jaguar, and when he won it of course he didn't collect it. The thing is, he's not alone, I'm sure there are loads of people doing this every day, probably all having a good laugh at messing around decent people who are just trying to sell stuff. But ebay aren't interested, as long as they get their fees, they're happy. If ebay wanted to do away with all these idiots it would be so easy for them to remove these knob-jockeys from the game. What ebay would need to do is quite simple, as far as I'm aware if you're on ebay, you have to have a PayPal account. So what they should do is make it so if you win an auction, then the money which pays for the ebay fees is automatically removed from the buyers account, then the buyer is sent an invoice to pay the seller the price of the item, minus the ebay fees. Peice of cake, all the people who like to mess sellers around on ebay removed in one fell swoop...

But I'm rambling again, sorry but it does kinda boil my wee-wee! Anyhow, back at the plot...

Despite the fact that I don't enjoy the selling part at all, as it just leaves me cold, and even the thought of it fills me with dread! I guess it's all part of the story that needs to be endured in order to write the full account. I hope I manage to get to car number 12 too, the Golf is car number 7, so only 5 left to go. I am still wondering what else I'll need to sell in order to fund the final five though. Of course the optimistic side of me that always see's the glass as half full thinks that I can still turn a little profit from my Golf, and is hoping for a warm spell to help keep people interested in buying themselves a nice little convertible. The trouble is my pessimistic side, the side that thinks the glass is half empty at the very best has already checked the long range forecast, and it doesn't look good for that warm spell I was hoping for:-

Is it just me, or is anyone else looking at this map and hearing Clive Dunn singing "Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Hitler"?

Anyway, the long range weather for the week that the Golf is back on the bay of E looks like this...

As one area of low pressure moves away from the United Kingdom on Sunday, yet another will approach the region bringing another round of unsettled weather. Not all parts of the United Kingdom had rainfall on Sunday with the heaviest falling across the far Southeast as well as the Southwest during the afternoon. However, conditions will turn more unsettled on Monday as low pressure nears the region. Well that is just splendid news. But furthermore on Monday, spells of rain will dampen southern Wales and England throughout most of the day (and also the sale of my Golf cabriolet). While the day may begin dry in London, rain will return through the afternoon, if not a little before. In some areas, that rain is expected across southwestern England, temperature highs will be held below 15 C (59 F). Across the rest of England, temperature highs will be largely between 15-20 C (59-68 F).

Farther to the north, across Scotland, even chillier air will be found as some of the Highlands fail to rise above 10 C (50 F). Coastal locations will have highs closer to 15 C (59 F). To be fair, if you're living in Scotland you're probably still driving around in convertibles enjoying the summer weather!

Not only will the rain cause cooler temperatures, but travel delays will be a concern as well (but not as much concern as I've got about selling my Golf for any kind of profit believe me!). Rain, combined with a strong wind, will cause delays on the ground and could become lengthy as rain and low clouds develop. In addition to the rain, a near gale-force wind is expected to howl along the coasts of southwest England. Strong wind gusts will blow across southern England, with the strongest wind reserved for areas to the south of London. Hoooooraaah!!

Residents wanting a break from the unsettled weather will have to continue to wait as the remains of Tropical Storm Henri spread more rain and wind across the United Kingdom through the middle of the week. Splendid, I'll look forward to that then, although I'll bet Michael Fish says it isn't coming! Let's just see:-

Nope, actually Michael Fish says it's all looking pretty good, 26ÂșC and sunny in most parts of the country!! Good old Michael Fish, he wouldn't let you down... Well, except for that time on the 15 October 1987 when an extratropical cyclone blew in with hurricane-force winds causing casualties and severe damage in England, France and the Channel Islands. However, to be fair to him, he did warn of high winds for the UK, although the storm that actually occurred was far stronger than he had predicted. But, in reaction to this controversy, the term "Michael effect" has been coined, whereby British weathermen are now inclined to predict "a worst-case scenario in order to avoid being caught out" so if nothing else he's made sure that he will be remembered, and name has been written into the history books! Years later he commented that if he was given a penny for every mention of that forecast, he would be a millionaire. Well here you go Michael, here's another penny for your jar.

So, all in all probably not the best week for selling a convertible, but, as Golfs have such a widespread appeal, maybe people wont mind that it's not a tin top, and to be fair with the roof up, you really wouldn't notice that it's a soft top, there's no draughts, it doesn't leak, it's even fairly quiet when you're driving, even at motorway speeds. So fingers crossed that this time, someone will buy it, and it'll go for somewhere near the £955 that I paid for it, but only time will tell.

Despite the weather outlook being a bit on the bleak side for the end of my auction listing it was atleast still dry at the moment, and so Mrs Clint piped up that better than sitting about the house moping about how badly my auction was going, we should go somewhere! Ok I said, where do you want to go? "Anywhere", she said, "I'm just bored and want to get out of the house, let's go for a drive, let's go to ASDA." ASDA? I repeated dumfounded, you wanna go for a drive... To ASDA?! "Yeah", she said, "well, we'll start with that as I need some supplies, and then, we'll just see where we go, but NOT to the beach!" Ok I said, ASDA it is... Honestly my life's so damn Rock 'n' Roll at times it scares me! I'll get the keys to the Golf, get the roof down, it's the last chance for romance! The sun had it's hat on (just about!) and so did I, as I've found if you're driving a convertible with the roof down and the sun is out, you still get a sunburned head, but you don't notice it until you're also getting windburn!

Now then, living in Winchester I am lucky (if that's what you call it) enough to have several ASDA supermarkets to choose from, there's Eastleigh, 8.8 miles away, Southampton, 13.2 miles away, Basingstoke, 17.2 miles away, or Andover, 17.9 miles away, to name but a few. I decided that we would not be going to any of them, and instead, we would go to the one in Havant (fairly close to the beach at Hayling Island), some 22.7 miles away! But, 22.7 twisty country road type miles away!

About forty minutes later we arrived at that paradise called ASDA, however out on the road I must have somehow missed the memo about it being 'drive like a knob weekend' as on several occasions we seemed to be just going to damn slow for everyone. There were a couple of guys out in their little Lotus'... (Lotii?) Who were clearly NOT having a race, and were definately sticking to the speed limit. There was a woman in her 4X4 who I genuinely believe couldn't see the end of the bonnet, and several other speed merchants. The worst of which were two lads riding their 125cc motorcycles. Now these two lads obviously thought they were bullet proof. Both of them wearing just shorts and trainers, no tops, not even a T-shirt! They followed us so closely that I actually thought they were sitting in the back of my car at one point. They did eventually pass me as I slowed down to let them get on with it, and I just didn't like how close they were behind me. But when they passed me, and the other cars ahead of me how they missed the cars coming the other way I just don't know! I really thought that we would come round a corner further on down the road to find them in a field or something, which would be a heck of a lot better than finding that they had been captured by some on-coming traffic! Thankfully we didn't.

Incidentally, if it was you riding like an tit along the B2150, take it easy fellas, and wear something a bit sturdier than just shorts and trainers! Also, don't ride like that on the road, take it to the track where it's slightly safer as you'll all be travelling in roughly the same direction!

Anyhoo, that's the end of the public service announcement and back to the plot. As Mrs. Clint was busying herself getting the shopping I had time to peruse the newspapers, and according to the Independant, a spokesman for the independent weather company, British Weather Services has said:- Starting this weekend and lasting for the best part of the following 10 days and likely more, virtually all parts of the UK can expect an extended run of the fine, dry, sunny and warmer than seasonal average weather. Well anyway, that sounds promising, and a lot better than what the Beeb were predicting! I do't know who I should believe, but let's just hope the warm sunny weather can last atleast until my auction listing ends! 

Before long Mrs Clint was back, and pretty soon the Golf was loaded up with groceries, and we were off. With hopes of a long warm Summer raised by the weather reports suggested in the Independant still bouncing around in my head, we finally ended up watching the sun go down... At the beach! Honestly I thought it might be a fitting end to my time with the little Golf cabriolet, I genuinely wish that the stereo worked I as could've been cruising along to something like the Beach Boys, or Jan & Dean, or some other 'surfin' sh!t'. I really, REALLY think I was born in the wrong decade, on the wrong continent! But as the giant orange orb decended below the horizon I popped the roof up, and we headed off towards home again. It's stuff like this that I love, just hanging out with Mrs Clint and our two little Monsters, doing nothing in particular, but having fun doing it!

In a couple of days the auction will be over, and hopefully so will my experience with the Golf . So onward and upward to the next car, but right now the wait isn't over yet, but hopefully when it does end, the lucky winning bidder will actually come and collect the Golf, and not fart about trying to think up any excuse they can to get out of buying it. In due time we will know of course, but I think that most people would be happy with this little Golf, it's not a bad little car, and the fact that the roof comes off adds a little bit of sparkle and glamour to the thing.