Episode 216. Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet. Y694 MJH. (Part 2).

I gave my Golf a good looking over in the sunshine today, and I've got to say that I'm quite pleased with it... Almost!

I like the colour of it, and the fact that it has a green convertible top, that matches its green bodywork makes it even more appealing to me. To be honest it was the colour coded roof that initially drew me in, I just thought it was a bit more unique looking than boring old black. Although it has to be said that the Golf is quite a common car, and on the 51 mile drive home the other night I saw 27 mk3 Golfs. But that being said, only one of them was a convertible. In my mind this either means that they're really really good, or more likely the ad campaign was really really good.

But as I was looking at it in the Sunshine for the first time, my first impressions of it were that I was happy. So, as the big orange orb was out I thought I might take it for a spin with the roof down, and as it was both raining and dark when I collected it, I thought it might be better to find out how the roof goes down now, rather than faffing around with it while I'm trying to go somewhere with the rest of my family.

I must be such a window licker, it took me ages to figure out how to lower the roof, I didn't realise it did it all for you at the touch of a button! Then, when the roof was down it took me ages to lower the rear windows because I just couldn't find the buttons for the rear windows. As it turned out, they're right next to the button to lower the roof! Honestly, I really shouldn't be allowed out on my own! With the roof and windows down I was feeling pretty happy with myself right up to the point that I saw this...

The front drivers side tyre was like this all the way round! So I decided to ask an expert about it, and as there is a tyre shop just across the road from BelongaClint I took it over to my local ATS tyre shop to see what they thought about it.

As luck would have it when I pulled in there were a number of experts on hand to give their evaluation of my tyre. Two of the experts were tyre fitters, and the other two of them where Traffic Police officers. The tyre fitters poked and prodded the gaping wound for a little while with a screw driver just to show me how deep it was. It was pretty deep! They then informed me that the tyre was in a dangerous condition, and in their opinion the car shouldn't be driven.

Then the Traffic Policemen then gave their professional opinions, they agreed with the tyre fitters, and added that not only was it dangerous, but it was also illegal. They followed this up by warning me that should the car be driven on the road I would be looking at three points, and a fine! I explained to them all that I had only just bought the car, and I couldn't get the tyre changed straight away as I didn't have my wallet etc with me.

The Police officers both felt that the person who had sold me the car knew that the tyre was in a dangerous condition, as all the tyres have been 'dressed' so they couldn't have failed to notice the condition of the tyre while they were cleaning and polishing it. The Policemen then told me that I was not to drive it anywhere until it was repaired, but they were going to have a look at 'something' in their car, and if I was to sneak away while they were doing that, well, thats just one of those things isn't it mate! They looked in their car... So I snuck away!

Now then, it is fair to say that although this is early days with my Golf it has tainted the experience somewhat. But that being said, I'm trying not to dwell on it because before I'd noticed the tyre, I was fairly pleased with my Golf and after all, this wasn't the fault of the car it's self, it was the fault of the rather shonky dealer that I bought it from. Its fair to say that I am extremely dissappointed with the guy who sold it to me in the first place. I've always hated people who are sneaky like that, because I wouldn't want to be the seller of something that could cause injury to another person, and therefore I would never sell a car to someone if I knew that it was in a dangerous condition. Becuase whoever cleaned and dressed the tyre must've known what it was like, unless of course they didn't have eyes! But from my point of view I wouldn't have even sold it, even if it only had a 'suspect' tyre, it's just not the done thing in my opinion.

As I said before, when I collected this thing the other night I drove nearly fifty miles home at about 70ish MPH, what if it had let go? But not just that, what would've happened if I had been stopped by two Traffic Officers on the way home who wern't so understanding? No doubt I'd have got myself a nice big fine, and three points added to my licence! Not an ideal scenario at all, and not really what I need...

Anyway, back at BelongaClint I had a good old Victor Meldrew style rant at the long suffering Mrs Clint before digging a couple of tyres that are in good condition out of my garage. Then it was back to ATS to see what the tyre fitters thought of them. The tyre fitters checked them over thoroughly, and as they thought they were ok, they fitted and balanced balanced them for me for a small charge. A little bit of order and harmony have been restored to my little world, and I am happy once more with my little Golf.


  1. Did you not have a spare you could have fitted to get you back from the garage to get some replacement tyres and a wallet?


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