Episode 177. Ford Focus CC. EY07 HSG. (Part 3).

Eleven months ago I last mentioned Mrs Clints Ford Focus Cc...

The main reason for this is, after my little bending of the rules, I'm still not allowed to drive it. I am however still allowed to work on it, or even pay someone else to work on it if I can't do it myself, which is jolly nice... Lucky old me! Work has happened to it this year, as Mrs Clint found herself  phoning me up one evening when her car was 'broken'. I of course arrived with a can of petrol, which she wasn't very happy about! Only to find that the clutch disc had broken up, so, in a rare turn of events Mrs Clints car was actually broken, and not just out of fuel as usual. I had no idea how much this was going to cost me, but the clutch kit alone cost me over £200, and thats before getting it fitted! But it's fitted now, and working well, so lets move on!

The other expense that the Focus had cost me this year was for the rear passenger window, or to be more precise, the mechanism that holds it in place, and lets it go up and down. On the 2nd of February 2019. Mrs Clint came in bellowing at our eldest Monster because she had 'broken' the rear window on her car. To be fair to Mrs Clint our eldest Monster is quite heavy handed, and she does tend to break things quite often, infact it would be fair to say that she takes after her Mum, who also is quite a bit on the heavy handed side. Anyway her Mum did eventually stop moaning about it for long enough for me to ask our eldest Monster what she had done. She told me that she rolled the window down, and when she came to roll it back up it wouldn't come up. She'd tried several times, but it was well and truly stuck. Well that didn't sound like the biggest problem in the world, and so, as it was dry I thought I'd take a look.

Sure enough, after several attempts by myself I also diagnosed it as well and truly stuck! Well, no matter what happened next, I really needed to fill that hole, either with the glass (preferred) or something else, after all, it was February, and therefore bound to rain sooner or later! I started to try to remove the rear panels but soon realised that I had no idea what I was doing. I did what most people do these days, and consulted YouTube for a bit of a tutorial. Half an hour later I was back out there with a Phillips screwdriver, a Torx Key, and a socket set! I really wonder why they needed so many different types of fixings, there certainly was no need to have both Phillips head, and Torx head screws of a similar size to hold the panels, and bits of trim on! Anyhoo, it seemed that to get to the rear window mechanism I needed to take the rear seats out, then the rear side panel, then speaker...

So after struggling to get the rear seats out in such a confined space I had a brilliant idea! Lower the roof! Why I didn't think about that before I'll never know, but with the roof folded down the rear seats were soon out, as were the interior panels.

With the speaker removed it became pretty evident that I wasn't the first person to do this to this little car, and I wondered why.

After the removal of the motor my question was answered, broken glass in the bottom of the rear wing (fender, I guess for you chaps in Americaland). I wondered who had just left this there, and thought that surely most people would've tried to get the glass out.

Because vacuuming if frankly womans work I called Mrs Clint to come and clean out her inner rear wing. She arrived, vacuum cleaner in hand, showed me how to turn it on and off, and what nozzle I would need for the job, and then left! To be fair I think that for a newbie I got on pretty well with the vacuum cleaner, and did quite a nice job of removing the glass from the inside of the panel. What I didn't do however was empty the vacuum cleaner afterwards. This irritated Mrs Clint, but in my defence I wasn't shown that step!

With the inner rear wing cleaned out I removed the whole rear passenger side window, and it's mechanism to see what I could do about it. The piece that was causing all the trouble was the piece that holds the glass to the to the rail it rolls up and down on, and also the wires that pull it up and down.

It's not a very big bit of plastic, it's a little bit bigger than the size of an audio cassette (for you younguns out there, an audio cassette is about 70mm x 100mm)! I tried to see if I could repair it, but I couldn't see a way of fixing it in a strong enough manner that I wouldn't be fixing it every other week! Besides, for such a small piece of plastic, how much could it cost?

To add insult to injury one of the spools that have the pulley wire wrapped around them had also come off the mechanism. But this was quickly rectified by myself, leaving me just the plastic window holder piece to find. Realising that I wouldn't be fixing the Focus that day I took the side glass, and refitted it with duct tape. I told Mrs Clint that it wasn't fixed, but the glass was back in, and so it would be waterproof and she could drive it. She asked me if the back half of the interior was back in? I said that is was not, and I wouldn't be fitting it, until I had the part I needed to fix the window mechansim as I didn't want to put the interior back together, only to take it apart again in a couple of days time.

The very next day, wallet in one hand, broken plastic piece in the other, I wandered into my local Ford dealership to see if they could get me the part I needed, and as luck would have it they could. But they didn't have it in stock! The guy on the parts counter said that before he ordered it I would need to pay for it first. I thought this was fair enough, and asked him how much it was. He tapped away on his computer, and then said, "That's £417.99 including the VAT, will that be cash or a card?" I looked at him and said, What? He said, "£417.99." I told him that was ridiculous, it was almost as much as I'd paid for the whole car, and then wandered off out the door! I figured that my next stop would be fleabay, and before long I was furiously tapping away trying to find this piece of crappy plastic!  Annoyingly I could find loads for the drivers side, but not one for the passenger side. I thought about the ones in the regular four door Focus, and started looking at them, but they were completely different. I then thought about the Megane Cc. When I bought the Focus I was also looking at the Megane Cc as they're quite similar looking, and I quite like them too! I wondered how similar the mechanism was. As it happened it wasn't similar at all, it was quite a lot different, and just to rub salt into my wounds they could also be had for just £50 brand new!! I'll be honest, this did make me quite irritated with myself!

Anyway, the search for this elusive part continued, and all through the Summer Mrs Clints Focus was a two seater coupĂ© which didn't really please her at all. But I really didn't want to put the interior back together, only to pull it out again! The thing that really bugged me this whole time was that I could find the drivers side rear mechanism fairly easily, there seemed to be loads of them, although, they weren't cheap! But by this point in time I had accepted the fact that I would need to be coughing up around £200 for a second hand crappy little piece of plastic! Honestly the Megane Cc looked better and better to me every time I looked for the over priced Ford part! I looked every single day for this little piece of plastic, and it had become obvious that I would need to buy the complete mechanism. Which, to be fair was still cheaper than the crappy piece of plastic from Ford. 

Finally, at the end of November 2019 I found one...

£250 Buy It Now! But delivery was fast and free... Believe me, that delivery was well paid for! With Christmas looming I really didn't need this kind of expense, but it had taken me ten months to find this part. Thats ten months of Mrs Clint complaining that she has no rear seats in her car and all she can hear when she drives is road noise, wind noise, and the fuel pump!! My credit card was already taking a beating, and I didn't need to make matters worse, but frankly, I didn't want to risk losing it. I pressed the buy it now, paid with my card, and got 250 Nectar points... Whoopee! I sat there wondering how Mrs Clint would react if I wrapped it up and gave it to her for her Birthday, or Christmas... Or both!!

To be fair to the seller the part did arrive quite promptly, but the fitting of it wasn't quite so brisk. The problem here was the rain. Whenever I had the time it seemed to be raining, but to irritate me further when I was at work it would be sunny! I didn't really want to do it in the rain, as ideally I'd need the roof down to do it, and I have a feeling that although Mrs Clint was going to be delighted to have it fixed, having wet seats would probably take the edge of it for her!

However, eventually the cars gods decided to cut me some slack, and gave me an afternoon of dry weather in which to fix the Focus. Of course, I had to go back and re-watch the YouTube videos to remind myself how it all went back together. But, several hours later I not only had the rear window back in and working, but also the rear of the interior was done too!

Finally, after ten months of it being it bits, it was all back together. I dropped the roof down, and headed off for a spin. Despite the expense that the Focus has cost me this year, and the trouble of finding the part for the rear window mechanism, after driving it about for an hour or so I have to admit that I've still not fallen out of love with it yet. It is a really nice little car to drive, and I really do like to drop the roof down and cruise about in it. I must admit that I do look at the Megane Cc more favourably now, and I really must get my hands on one. Infact, I did even buy one at the end of September from a dealer. However, when I went to collect it, it didn't even get off his forecourt before breaking down, and after an hour and a half of him trying to get it started again, it just wouldn't go. So I left it there, and he gave me my money back. A couple of weeks later he had it back up for sale, 'spares or repairs' so I guess he couldn't fix it either, and although this has slowed down my hunt for one, I still browse occaisionally. However, with the Focus finally fixed, and my love for it re-kindled with a good long drive in it, in the cold, with the roof down, I've not looked for a Megane Cc since. So for now, once again, Mrs Clint is as happy with the Focus as I am, but more than that, she's just happy that when she drives it she can hear herself thing, and that we now no longer have a complete interior for the rear of a Focus Cc in our lounge .