Episode 159. Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet. BP03 URK. (Part 3).

I'm liking this thing, perhaps a little too much...

Now that the Sun's out a bit more I've not been out in this thing without the roof being dropepd down! Even if I'm just going across town to see my folks, I go straight into full hair dresser mode, down comes the roof, and on go sunglasses that even Elton John would have second thoughts about wearing! It doesn't matter to me that I look like the love child of Big Daddy, and Dame Edna Everage, I really do relish driving this little Beetle, and I always think that a little flamboyance goes hand in hand when you're driving pretty much any convertible!

I think for the most part my male friends are a bit dubious about going out in it with me, and a few have said that they're happy to go out in it with me, but the roof must be up at all times! Now where's the fun in that? If you have a convertible, surely the roof needs to be down as often as possible! When I had my last Beetle Cabriolet if it wasn't raining, that roof was down! Even in the Winter I remember driving it with the roof down, and almost freezing to death! What surprised me most about this was that you could have the roof down, and the windows rolled up, and somehow this made it a little warmer in the cockpit? How is this possible with no lid on it? But the difference is noticable, and I guess with the widows up it's not as windy inside, so you don't get the wind chill factor? I don't know, but I've noticed other convertible drivers doing this, and always thought it a bit odd. But after trying it, I could see the reason why.

One thing I am struggling to come to terms with is the dashboard...

It's massive! From the drivers seat I cannot touch the windscreen, and looking down across a dashboard thats about two feet deep feels a bit odd to me. For some reason I just can't get used to it. I'm guessing that this is due to the Bettles Golf origins, and probably a good fifty percent of the Beetles dashboard would probably be the bonnet of the Golf. But its a small niggle on an otherwise lovely little car to drive, and it obviously doesn't bother me that much as I have been driving it a lot!

It's got to the point now where if we're going anywhere, we take two cars! Not because we need two cars, but because we both want to drive our little convertibles! In all fairness even driving these two cars the pair of them probably use less fuel that the four of us piling into that little Aixam! I still havn't come to terms with just how un-economical that little thing was! But perhaps if we're going to drive a car each we really should start to think about buying a pair of StreetKa's or something!

My original plan for the Beetle was to use it throughout the Summer holidays, and then sell it come September, and I'd still like to think that will be the way forward. But it seems that I am not the only fan of the Beetle Cabriolet, and several friends have expressed interest in being the next owner of it sooner rather than later. Currently I plan to hold on to it, although as ever I have been quietly browsing, but not really found too much of interest to replace the Beetle with yet. Oddly this is fine, and I am completely happy with keeping hold of the Beetle for the foreseeable future, although it might be time to invest in a hat, as my bald head is a little bit sore on top!

Lastly, in other news the Beetle passed a bit of a mileage milestone today...

The next mile was filled with me chuckling to myself! When I arrived home still chuckling to myself Mrs Clint asked me what was so funny? I showed her the photo, she looked blankly at me and just said, "You're so immature!" I said, yeah, thats just a word boring people use to describe fun people! She just gave me that look that suggested she was already having a bad day... And I should probably not eat dinner! So I've decided that perhaps we should go out to eat tonight, perhaps to the beach in our convertibles for fish and chips... Roll on the Summer holidays!