Episode 133. Budget Hot Rod. (Part 7).

M.C.s Hot Rod arrived! It was pretty damn basic, with the minimal amount of assembly done by G.J. and his merry men. But, that was pretty much what M.C. had asked for, and it was finally sitting in his garage awaiting M.C. to get stuck into it. It almost had the appearance of flat packed furniture, but as M.C. wanted it as cheaply as possible so that he could both save money, and do more of the work on it, everyone was happy... Or at least, they should've been. The following day I was back in Bournemouth making a menace of myself in G.J.s workshop.

Hmm, having seen what arrived at M.C.s house the previous day I felt that when this arrived at my house M.C. wasn't going to be happy. I mean he had a garage full of parts, like a giant Airfix kit waiting to be assembled,  and I had something that was assembled. But, for all this assembly I did have to pay a lot more than M.C. had paid, infact I'd paid over twice as much, but still, I had a feeling that he wouldn't be happy. I asked G.J. when it would be ready to be delivered to my house? He said how about today! I thought about it for a second, and thought that even though technically M.C. did get his first, 24 hours difference probably wasn't going to cut it. I said that I wouldn't be able to take it today as I wasn't home! Fair enough G.J. said, what about tomorrow? Tomorrow was too early as well really, but I said OK, and headed off home to sweep my garage out ready for it's arrival! 

Thursday came, and G.J. asked me to meet his delivery team in the layby just off the junction on the M3 at about 15:00hrs. I arrived a little early, and as I came off the M3 this is what I saw...

Yep, it was all getting real now! I got out and had a quick chat and asked the driver to follow me to my garage. We'd pretty much be driving right through the centre of Winchester to get to my garage, and I figured that it would be just my luck that M.C. would see it go by. Even if he didn't realise that it was mine, he'd see my XR4i, put two and two together and he'd know it was mine, but that would just be too bad, it was here now, and although I still had no idea about what I should do next I needed to store it away. So, fingers crossed, off we went.

Twenty minutes later or so it was unloaded, and ready to go into my garage where I would need to really start to formulate a plan of attack quickly. I thought it was pretty cool, but as complete as it looked it was still a long way from being done, or even being roadworthy!

It was a bit bizarre looking at it sitting there, I'd never had anything like this, I'd been dreaming about having a HotRod pretty much forever, but now I had one, and now I needed to get working on it. M.C. was working on his, M.R. had pretty much finished his, and I, even though I was ahead of M.C. in terms of how complete it was, still needed to make a start.

I decided that I wasn't going to tell M.C. that mine had arrived unless he asked, I felt that telling him I had mine the same week that he got his even though mine was ordered months after his was would only stir the pot, and there was no benefit to be had from that. However, later that day while I was standing in M.R.s garage watching him create his HotRod he asked me when mine was due to arrive? I said that it should be along soon, but asked him why he asked? He said that the garage next to his was empty, and if I talked to the owner I would be able to rent it to build my HotRod in. This would mean that I would have power, but not only that, I would have someone who actually knew what they were doing to actually help me should I need it, which I definately would. We went round to talk to the owner of the garage who said that it wasn't empty yet, but I could rent it in about a month. I said I'd take it. I figured that this would give me a month to have my HotRod hide out in my garage, so that when it 'arrived' hopefully M.C. would be ok, and wouldn't need to know that we got them both in the same week. I figured that at the very least that extra month spent in hiding would take the edge off how complete it looked, but only time would tell! I now had a month to go home, try to get some idea of what I was going to do, and then, formulate a plan to move my HotRod a couple of miles across town with an engine that didn't run, and more importantly no brakes what so ever. With no access to a transporter, or trailer or anything like that I had a feeling that this might be fun! I told M.R. that it was here then, and that it was hiding out in my garage, and we shouldn't tell M.C. as it would probably just upset him. M.R. agreed, and we headed up to my garage to have a look. M.R. thought it looked pretty good, and upon seeing it agreed that it would definately upset M.C. if he saw it. I said that I had no idea how we were going to move it when the time came. M.R. told me not to worry, he had an idea, he would make a bar to connect it to the front suspension, then we'd chain it to the tow ring on the back of his car. Then, very late at night we'd just tow it across town while no one was looking! It was going to be a piece of cake, and there was no way we were ever going to get caught! I must admit that my feeling were that we would be caught, but I couldn't see another option, and so I went along with his idea, and left him to fabricate some sort of devise to tow it across town. While I fabricated some sort of story to tell the police when we would inevitably be stood by the side of the road talking to them late one night while driving through town towing it. Still, at least I had about a month to think up a good yarn!