Episode 126. Ford Focus CC. EY07 HSG. (Part 2).

BARP! BARP! BARP! BARP!!! Sunday morning, early and Mrs Clints phone is going bezerk, it's ring tone is like a damn fog horn, and about as loud! She rolls over, and picks it up! After a brief conversation she hangs up, and I asked her, who it was? "Work" she said, "Such and such havn't turned up again, so I've got to go in!" Ugh! What's the time I asked her. "Quarter to seven!" she said. So they've phoned you at quarter to seven on a Sunday morning to tell you that someone who often doesn't show up for work, has not shown up for work again, and now, I guess you've got to go in? "Yep!" she said, "And you'll need to drive me because I might be a little bit squiffy still from last night!" Great, I thought, not even seven O'clock on a Sunday morning and I have to get up, get dressed, wake our two little Monsters up, get them to get dressed, then head out into the cold morning air for effectively a ten minute drive, only to return home again! There will be no getting back to sleep after this! But then I had a little thought, back in October when Mrs Clint lost her eyebrows when she got her car, I was told that I wasn't allowed to drive it, and I havn't. But, if I was having to get up this early on a Sunday morning to run her to work, why shouldn't I use it to take her in?

I hastily got up, got dressed and told Mrs Clint, who was still getting ready that I would go out and get the car warmed up for her. "OK" She said, "We won't belong." I grabbed the Focus keys and headed out. I've not driven this thing since I originally bought it. I gave her my word that I wouldn't drive it, and I've kept to it, but to be fair, I've been itching to drive it, I like it! Mrs Clint has far shorter legs than me, so with the seat tucked up under the steering wheel I bumped my head on the A-pillar as I jumped in! I started it up and pulled out to park infront of BelongaClint. No sooner had I pulled up than Mrs Clint and our two little Monsters joined me. "Whats this?" Mrs Clint asked as she opened the door and leaned in. Umm, it's your Focus, you've been driving it for about four months now! "Yes I know." Came her reply, "But what are you up to driving it, you know the rules, no selling, no modifying, and no driving my car!" She said. Yes I know, I replied, but my cars were planning a lie-in this morning as it's Sunday, the day of rest, and I don't like to wake them up just because you've been called into work again on your day off at the crack of dawn! Jump in, or we'll have to wait for a sensible time on a Sunday to wake my car up! She got in, they all looked at me, and Mrs Clint just said, "You're an idiot!" I'm not so sure, I'm not the one that gets called into work almost every time I get a day off because the same person who never turns up, hasn't turned up again! I replied. We arrived at Mrs Clints place of employment, and she got out the car, again, she leaned back in through the open door and said, "No driving my car, straight home." I said, well, as we're up I thought I might take the girls for some breakfast, but then, straight home! "OK, breakfast, then straight home, no driving my car about! Pick me up at seven! No doughnuts!" She closed the door and headed across the carpark to the front door where she works. I reversed across the empty car park and did what I considered to be a pretty damn good J-turn If I do say so myself! Jim Rockford couldn't have done it better! I hadn't even made it to the gate when my phone went off! My eldest Monster picked it up, before she could even say a word a voice bellowed out of the phone, "NO DOUGHNUTS!!!" With my eldest Monster holding the phone to my ear, I calmly said back, that wasn't a doughnut, that was a J-turn, they're different! Mrs Clint hung up! I turned to our two little Monsters and said, you heard Mummy, we could drive the car to get breakfast, then straight home! Right? "Right!" came their replies! Right I said, and we joined the M3. We were going to get breakfast, but I thought that we might go somewhere else for a change!

I decided that it might be nice for us to visit Mother Kelly's in Paulsgrove, some thirty miles from BelongaClint! After all, Mrs Clint didn't specify where we had to go to have breakfast did she, and I figured that this would give me a chance to have a bit of a drive in the Focus! I've got to say that with the roof up, and every CD in the multichanger changed from the dreadful racket that Mrs Clint listens too, the drive along the M3, and M27 was extremely pleasant. With the small wheels, and larger tyres the road noise is pretty low, and it does seem to soak up the bumps quite well as we drove along the road. There was minimal traffic on the road at that time on a Sunday morning, and it was just nice to be driving along without being surrounded by other cars.

Before long we arrived at Mother Kelly's, we were early, and it wasn't open yet. So we hung around until it opened, and then enjoyed our delicious breakfast. Being thirty odd miles away it's not a place we visit often, but we've been several times before, although never for breakfast. As in the previous times we'd been there the food was good, and the staff were very pleasant, and friendly. Although it was pretty empty when we showed up, it soon got busy before we left. If you find yourself in the area, and you're feeling a bit peckish, you could do worse than dropping by, and getting something to eat, it really is worth a visit.

After breakfast we got outside, and pulled out of the car park and on to the road, then I thought, wait a minute, it's sunny, why do we have the roof up? I pulled off the road to drop the roof down. Unlike the StreetKa, which I love I might add, the roof on the Focus CC drops at the touch of a button. You need to be stationary, but when you press the button all four windows drop down, then the massive bootlid opens up, and the folding steel top begins to retract. Within about thirty seconds you're topless and ready to go again! I decided to not go back along the motorway, but go the scenic route instead. A little further for sure, but a far more interesting route, especially with the roof down.

I must admit that I do like the StreetKa, it really is a splendid little car, but the Focus CC is better. It possibly isn't better to drive, but I do think it's a better looking car, it drives very nicely, and feels more refined. Although it has to be said that the handling isn't as crisp as the StreetKa, although no doubt that is down to the fact that I've got a taller profile tyre, and smaller wheels on the Focus than perhaps it should have. The other thing that makes the Focus a better car, for us at least is that it has four seats, and so, all four of us can go out in it, unlike the StreetKa, that obviously only has the two! With the roof down the road, and wind noise increased dramatically, as did the chill factor! I reached for the heated seat button, and turned it up to five! My eldest Monster, who buy now was a front seat passenger saw me do this, and decided that she'd have a bit of gas mark five on her bum too! My littlest monster, sitting in the back complained that it was very blowy, and very cold! To be fair, although my bum was toasty, my hands were getting a bit cold as they gripped the steering wheel. I pointed out various other people driving their convertibles with the roof down, and told her that it was roof down weather! "It's the WINTER!" She exclaimed, "And they've all got their windows up!" She was right, they did all have their windows up. I've noticed convertible drivers doing this before, driving with the roof down, and windows rolled up, I've always thought that this was a pointless exercise, but, in a bid to please my littlest Monster, I rolled the windows up! I fully expected there to be no difference what so ever, but you know what? There was a difference. Straight away there was a drop in wind noise, and actually wind in the cockpit. I wouldn't say that there was no wind at all, but it went from feeling like I was out in a gale, to being out in a breeze. Looking at my two little Monsters you could see that their hair wasn't getting blown about anywhere near as much as it was when the windows were down. I cranked up the heater to full red mode, and turned the fan to max! I felt this would have little effect, but like rolling up the windows, it was a bit better. No, it wasn't hot, or even warm, but it was definitely taking the chill out of the cockpit. Even in the back the littlest Monster said it was far better, although to be fair she really isn't any taller than the top of the seats! Besides which by now she had got the blanket we keep in the car wrapped around her and she was doing her best impression of Little Red Riding Hood.

Before long we were back at BelongaClint, as before, once stationary I pressed the button to raise the roof. The windows dropped down slightly, then up came the huge bootlid, and out came the roof. less than thirty seconds after pushing the button, the roof was on, the windows were up, and we were back in coupé mode. I really quite like this car. I liked it when I first saw them at the London Motor Show back in 2008 (I think), and I still like them now. I wouldn't say I'm a Focus fan, but I think that the CC is a cracking car to both look at, and to drive. I'm thinking that if I don't get to drive Mrs Clints every once in a while I might have to buy my own! But as I've already got too many toys in the toy box maybe I'll just have to hope for the occasional run in hers. Incase you happen to be wondering I picked her up when she finished work in my Mustang. We didn't tell her where we went for breakfast, and as she was still pretty ticked off about that J-turn I figured that it would probably be better if she discovered the mileage increase on the Focus on her own. Probably tomorrow when the Monsters are at school, I'm at work, and Mrs Clints at the petrol station on her own wondering why she needs to fill up! I have a feeling I may well still be banned from driving her Focus!