Episode 54. Ford Escort Van K101 XOX. (Part 2).

Back in Episode 42 I spoke about my project Escort Van, K101 XOX.

This one. Anyhoo, to refresh your memory, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away I was a pipefitter, and travelled the countryside in this van, eventually when I ceased being a pipefitter and went off to college to try and learn to be something else, they let me take the van with me, for nothing! So it became my daily. After I had managed to get my degree, and then masters degree I realised that my 'recreational' degrees (Illustration, photography) wern't getting me a job, so with nothing better to do I returned to pipefitting, and once again, this became my van, and it looked like this back then...

Fast? Erm, no, not exactly. But it was in quite good shape, and I thought it looked quite nice, plus...

It was probably the most comfortable van I've ever had (except for a Rustin Meastro that I had fitted a complete Meastro Vandan Plas interior to, man alive that thing was plush!) But the Escort was comfortable in a straight from the factory kinda way! It was good to drive, and it drove very well, it even handled quite well too.

The cargo area was big, or atleast it was big enough for my requirememnts! You could even get a whole pallet of bricks in there (without the pallet!) There's a possiblity that this overloaded it slightly, but it pulled it ok! But usually I'd only have my extensive toolkit on board and it was all tied down strategically so as to give me optimum handling, which made up for the fact that it wasn't fast! I kept this little van up together as best I could and used it for everthing from going to work, to going shopping, to 'interviewing' candidates for the role of future Mrs Clint, it got used for everything, it was great, and I liked the thing a lot! But time marches on and back in January 2004 it failed its MOT. Various things, cracked windscreen, steering rack, and other bits and bobs. Nothing really major, but I was living with a previous, and may I say unsuccessful aplicant to be Mrs Clint at the time, who turned out to be a psychopath in a Jack Torrance from The Shining kind of way!, So I had bigger things to worry about like being murderd in my sleep, she actually did smash her way through a door, although it was with a sledge hammer, not an axe! Therefore I figured that it wasn't worth fixing at that point in time and by that time I had got hold of my first P100 anyway, so the Escort was put out to pasture with the idea of getting around to fixing it someday. As I said, this was supposed to be a temporary thing, but fourteen years later I'm now psychopath free, and still not really any closer to getting it done. But I'm still going to get to it someday! The trouble is, that I probably wont, so once again, more because I needed to move it as I've lost my storage space and can't find anywhere else to hide my cars, I decided that it was time someone else had a go at it, and so after a quick wash I put it up for grabs.

A quick going over with Flash, and then followed by a good wipe down with Mr Sheene, and all of a sudden doesn't it look better? I fitted some new wind into the tyres, and dragged it out onto the street where I could get a better look at it, and have a good look underneath. It was far better than I imagined it would be, infact I could find no structural rust at all under there! Not even a single hole, not too shabby for being stood up for nearly fourteen years! I decided to see if the engine would turn over. Not without a battery it wouldn't, but I just wanted to see if it was free, so after a check of the fluids, and while it was still connected to the back of my Dads Rover 75 with a tow rope we set off around the estate. I put it into fifth, and gently let the clutch out, all the while bracing myself for the engine to be siezed solid. But it wasn't, it spun over very freely. I was pretty chuffed, and now, armed with my new knowledge of the condition of my van, my thoughts once again turned to keeping it. Must be strong I thought... Better sell it now whilst I'm still in the mood!!

Word went out about it, I took some photos, and before too long a new owner had been located! I figured that, unlike Mk1, and 2 Escort vans, Mk5 Escort vans are pretty much worthless. Although, now that I've sold mine, I expect the prices of them to go through the roof anytime soon! The new owner seemed to be very pleased with his new Escort van, and he says that he is planning to give it the full resto back to it's former glory, so I let him have is for a couple of hundred quid, which is probably something of a bargain, but only time will tell.

So away it goes, I forget exactly where it is going to, but the new owner said it had taken them ten hours to get to me, so I'm guessing it was a fair old distance! Again, Like all my other project cars I have sold recently, I have mixed feelings about this, but once again atleast I don't have to worry about doing something with it now, and can concentrate on my other car projects. If you are keeping tabs, I think this means that I am now down to just fifteen (possibly) cars in my collection, which is still too many! But now I really don't know what should be next to go, but at some point I need to get my collection down to atleast single figures... I'm wondering if the best thing to do now is to write the numberplates of all my cars down, and stick them to a dartboard. Then blindfolded I shall throw a dart at the board, which ever one I hit will be the one I sell next! There is however one problem with this plan. I don't have a dartboard... Or any darts!