Episode 25. Jaguar S-type. X667 HLB. (part 1).

Back at the beginning of 2016 I sold my last Jaguar S-type as I just didn't have time to use it, or the space to store it. It was a really nice car to drive, and I liked pretty much everything about it, including its V6 engine. At that point in time it was the fastest car I'd ever owned, and as good as it was, and make no mistake, it was good. I wondered what the S-type with the V8 under the bonnet would be like, how much better could it be? Or, could it even be any better? I wondered if I would ever have another one... I kept thinking, one day... Hopefully!

I had been qiuetly browsing ebay and the likes since selling my V6 S-type. I was looking for a V8 S-type, in green, with a black leather interior. Although, really I was looking for a V8 S-type! Then one day in May 2017, my blue V6 Jaguar S-type became the second fastest car that I'd ever owned. I was in the middle of trying to have a bit of a culling of my car collection when I kinda fell off the wagon a bit, and this happened...

V8!! One day is here!! I'd looked at lots, mostly with the V6 engine, but something kept holding me back. Yes, I liked the V6, it's a great engine, but what I really needed to know was what was the V8 going to be like? I walked away form countless V6 engined cars, and I didn't want some stinkin' diesel either. Am I a farmer ploughing the fields? No, so why would I want a tractor engine in my car? No, it had to be the V8, it had to be the V8! Finally, I couldn't wait any longer, I had to have one, and this one was the one! The day I collected the Jag I arrived home with a lovely bunch of flowers for Mrs Clint, I came through the door, and say to her, these are for you! Her response was not, oh they're lovely, thankyou my lovely husband. Oh no, it was, what have you bought? I brought her to the window at the front of BelongaClint, held out my hand pointing towards the S-type parked out in the street and said, Behold... The mighty Jag!! She looked at me, looked at the Jag, looked at me again, and then said simply, "V8?" I said proudly, yes it is!! Cool she said, "when do I get to drive it?" I came straight back with, NEVERRRRRRRRRR!!! You have a Honda CR-V, this is my car, you are not allowed to drive it, sell it, modify it etcetera etcetera etcetera!! "Ha haaaa", she said "Those rules are only good when you only have one car!" Hmm... I think there might be some double standards at work here! Anyhoo, here is the no doubt long awaited first fill shot...

V8 wafty barge awesomness! So what's it like you may be wondering. Well, its not green, and the interior is beige, so apart from being a V8 nothing like what I was looking for, infact, being that its red it's probably my least favourite colour for a car! I really don't know why I had to have this one, it wasn't even close to home being 275 miles away. It's also got an intergalactic mileage of just over 213,000 miles, and it didn't even have a very long MOT, but I felt almost compelled like a junkie feeding an addiction, to buy it! As for what its like to drive however, much like my first encounter with a S-type, it's very very good. I'll be honest, I would've never thought that I would enjoy a car like this as much as I do, I like coup├ęs as a rule, not wafty saloon cars, but the S-type is the exception to the rule. Well I guess if you're gonna have rules, then you're gonna need to have exceptions to them! Anyhoo, with just under six weeks of MOT on the old thing my plan was to drive it as often as possible, and as much as possible. This would hopefully get V8 S-type Jaguars out of my system and check it off my cars to own someday list. Then put it in for an MOT which it would fail miserably, and finally put it up for sale spare or repairs. Except... That hasn't happened. 

I let my Jaguar run out of MOT, I had been dubious about putting it in for one as I figured that it probably has a fair bit wrong with it due to it's age and mileage, but then I thought, what did I have to lose with putting it through an MOT, I figured that atleast then I'd know, So, in it went for it's first MOT in my care, and I stood back and crossed my fingers! Well, I had no need to worry, the thing now has a full 12 months of MOT, it got a couple of advisories, but nothing particularly hard to do! The MOT man remarked how good its condition is considering its age and mileage! So what are my plans for it now? Well, the thing is I really don't like the colour much, and that is the only thing about it I don't like if I'm honest. If it was green I'm pretty sure we'd be looking at a keeper here... I almost think it might be anyway! Oddly one of the things I most like about it is that it has so many miles on it. I don't know why this makes it so appealing to me, but for some reason it does. For a car with so many miles under it's tyres it really does drive very very well, and for now, I'm gonna keep it and enjoy it... Updates as they occur!