Episode 2. Ford StreetKa HY53 RZR.

Serendipity. ser•en•dip•i•ty (ˌsɛr ənˈdɪp ɪ ti)
1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
2. good fortune; luck.

The word was coined by Horace Walpole in 1754 and basically means a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise". In a letter he wrote to a friend Walpole explained an unexpected discovery he had made by reference to a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip. The princes, he told his correspondent, were “always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of”... This is just how I found my StreetKa, it was a accidental discovery! I'll be honest, a Ford StreetKa was not on my list of cars to own someday, but I was in a car park taking some photos of my car for the purpose of  listing it on ebay. As I left the car park I noticed a young lady doing exactly the same, so I went over to her to ask her if she was photographing her car in order to sell it. Yes she said. So I enquired as to how much she would like for it, and how much MOT was on it, It was MOTd just yesterday she said, and she was only looking for just £650! So a good look over the car, and a quick blast around in it, and as the sun was out, and I was in the mood for a bit of convertible driving, I bought it!

So then, first impressions... What a blast!! It's 1600cc engine buzzing away under the bonnet propels this little pocket rocket along very VERY well, and having a wheel literally on each corner makes the pin sharp handling nothing short of fantastic!! THIS IS EPIC!!! Motoring is good!! I immediately went round to my friends house to show him my latest purchase, it was sunny, and so I had the roof down. I suggested we go for a spin, but he was reluctant as he felt we would look like a pair of gays riding around in a Street Ka. I told him that I was ok with that, and produced from the glove box a pair of sunglasses that even Elton John would have had reservations about wearing. I then expained to him that I had purchased them expressly for the purpose of driving the Ka! C'mon I said, putting on the sunglasses, I Remember When Rock Was Young... Hop in. NO!! He said, put the roof up, then I'll get in! I said that there was no way that roof was going up while the big orange orb was out, and that he was looking at it all wrong. I said don't look at it like we're a pair of gays blazing about with the roof down, look at it like we're the Tesco Value goods version of Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice, I then informed him he was Tubbs... Probably didn't help my argument, but he got in anyway, as long as I didn't wear the sunglasses! The funny thing is, being the delusional kind of fella I am, I DO feel like Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice! Incidentally this delusional behavoir is nothing new to me, when I'm out driving my Mustang I am Frank Bullitt from Bullitt, and yes, I do have the soundtrack, however, and I think this opinion is pretty universally agreed upon in my circle of friends, I'm more like Frank Drebben... From Police Squad! 
Sadly however just as I was starting to enjoy my first StreetKa experience it was time to let it go! This was because the car was bought as part of a story I wrote on a forum called Retro Rides where the idea of my story was to buy, drive, and then sell one car every single month of the year. A story that I might add I am interested in repeating!

I've really enjoyed this little beauty, perhaps a little too much, and it really got under my skin! Literally EVERYTHING about owning it was awesome!! In my oh too short ownership of this little gem I covered about 809 miles, yep, that's right, in just one month of ownership I covered 809 fun filled miles! In these fun filled miles the Ka managed to drink 20.55 UK Gallons of go-go juice which means I was getting approximately 39.36 (S)miles per gallon from Ford's open top little funster! I must admit I was surprised at this as I thought I would've got a bit more, but, when you drive it, it does seem to egg you on, and I found that quite often I was pushing the loud pedal a little harder than I might usually do... This, as a rule is no good for high MPG figures! But it's freakin excellent for putting a huge silly grin on your face!! The 1600cc engine buzzed the little lightweight Ka along very nicely, and with about 94bhp (of course some of them horseys will have bolted as don't forget, it was over 12 years old then!) I never found it wanting for power. I think that it was fast enough to get you in trouble if you pushed it really hard, but with a low-slung driving position and a low centre of gravity, and having a wheel placed exactly on each corner with no over hanging bodywork meant that it handles really, really well as its looks suggest it should. Cornering is flat, the steering is sharp and the brakes are responsive. Make no mistake, this is a fun car to drive, it's very 'point and squirt' a bit like driving an original Mini, just not so cramped inside. This fantastic handling doesn't come at the expense of the ride either, which is supple and copes well with most road surfaces. Because of how well the suspension is set up, and the fact that it is not a stupidly fast car I think that you'd have to be a spazzer of biblical proportions to get yourself in trouble in one of these, either that or you would have to be some sort of kamikaze pilot!! Sadly, if you were such a person, and did push it past it's cababilities I don't think you would fare well in it, I'm not 100% sure those roll over hoops would help you much as they feel, and sound (when you tap them with something) like they are very light duty steel tubing, almost like they were made from exhaust pipe tubing. It is my feeling that they are more there for show than for safety, and I think that should you be unlucky enough to roll one over, it would not end well. Hopefully I am wrong about this, I mean why would Ford bother putting them there if they did nothing? Of course I didn't pull all the interior trim out to have a look at where the roll over hoops joined the body, or what exactly they were made from, I just hoped, probably like everyone does, that Ford had indeed made them strong enough to be safe, and not just look the part!

 I thoroughly enjoyed every trip in this lovely little car, I pretty much enjoyed everything about driving it, I would even go as far to say that it is a drivers car. I reckon that if you like to drive for no other reason than the pleasure of driving, then male or female you could do worse than getting your hands on a little Street Ka, they're great. If I was someone like Jay Leno with acres of covered storage space for my massive car collection I would definately have space for one of these. DEFINATELY! OK, so maybe I do look more like Noddys friend Big Ears, rather than Crockett from Miami Vice when I drive it, but thats cool, I'm so glad I had this car, and I was having far too much fun to worry about how funny I looked. And yes, perhaps it is a car that is clearly aimed at girls rather than blokes, and so the hairy chested macho man feels too ridiculous to get into it and drive it, but more fool them, all you need to do is hit the road with a big grin on your face and enjoy it. Roof up, or roof down it is AWESOME! When I sold this little treasure I knew I was letting something good go. I knew that in time I would need to re-visit owning a StreetKa, this little vioce has been chattering away in my head, telling me, urging me to buy another StreetKa. Finally I relelnted, and bought this fine looking autombile.

 I can't wait to get in it and go driving to see how great it is, or was it all a case of rose tinted sunglasses? It won't matter, I'm sure it'll be a fun little drive, just as I remember the last one being nearly two years ago! I'm ready to cruise in it come rain or shine.

I even still have the right sunglasses!