Episode 275. Bentley Continental GT. Y30 DPS. (Part 4).

 At the beginning of this year mainly due to the purchase of this magnificent beast I had pretty much zero in my bank account. Now, just five months later, and again thanks to the Bentley I've pretty much still got some of it left. This is pretty much completely my fault. I've got other, cheaper cars to drive, but I don't go out in them because, well, why would you? I've got a Bentley.

I realise that this little statement probably makes me sound like a bit of a pompous anchor (starting with W) but let me explain. When I bought this car I knew that it wouldn't be a 'forever car', my feeling was that I would have it for a while, experience it, hopefully enjoy it, and then, with any luck sell it. I won't say that I'll never have a Bentley again, as you never know your luck. But most likely I'll never have another Bentley GT, as, even old and second hand like this one, they're kinda pricey, or atleast, they're kinda pricey for me. So with this thought in mind I have been trying to use this thing as my every day car, and actually, it's been pretty good, and I am enjoying wafting about in this thing. But, this comes at a price, and that price is about £1.70 a litre.

Now then, long term sufferers of my words of wisdom will no doubt be familiar with the long suffering Mrs Clint. I know that from time to time I make her out to be some sort of tyrant (especially on my Klunkerz blog), and to be fair to her, she is. However, to her credit she always encourages me in pretty much everything I do (except go out with Girlfriend), and she encouraged me to buy the Bentley for my 100th car in the first place even though she knew that it meant we still wouldn't have central heating in our flat, or the long awaited new kitchen and bathroom. But more than that, she has been covering all the bills while I indulge, or should that be over indulge in my Bentley because my monthly wages have been swallowed up by the price of buying gallon upon gallon of petrol for the Bentley. Honestly, by the end of the month there's no money left from my wages. I haven't saved a single penny since having this car, and her Worshipfulness hasn't complained once about it. 

This being said, she's not exactly blown away by the idea that there will be no holiday this year, normally by now we would've probably had a weekend away, even if it was to the secret hideout in Wales, but so far... Nothing! Although we did go to Wales to collect parts for the StreetKa named Desire, but that was in the Navara, and Mrs Clint even paid for all of that. But all of that was about to change, or atleast for me it would.

My brothers had decided amongst themselves that it was time to sell the secret hideout in Wales as apparently we don't use it enough, and so for the most part it sits there empty, and costs us about twice the council tax that it would cost us if we lived there. I'll admit that I'd quite like to keep it, but, as I'm sure you can imagine, funds are low, and as I was out voted by two to one, then it was time to sell. The thing is however, it does need a good going over with a decorating brush, and so, before we sell it my brothers and I decided that we'd go and splash a bit of magnolio around the place. A date was arranged between the three of us when we could all meet up at the secret hideout, and start to decorate ready to put it up for grabs. Any normal, sane person, especially one with a Navara at his disposal would take the pick up every time. What did I take? Yep, the Bentley, clearly I'm far from normal, or even sane. Infact, I'll go as far as to say that I could probably be described in a single word... IDIOT! What kind of idiot drives a Bentley coupé the best part of 170 miles to then use it like a van, running around getting paint and decorating supplies? That would be me.

Other than wondering just how good the economy would be on a long run I really had no reason to take it. So with the tank empty I made my first stop, the petrol station. I had a fairly good idea of just how much petrol I'd be putting in, so I pumped in just what I thought I'd use to get there, £80 worth, or 47.05 litres, or, if you're old like me and still working in imperial, 10.35 UK gallons. I set off. The name of the game was economy, and not how fast I could get there, so I headed along the A34 at a steady old 60mph towards the M4. Once on the M4 I continued to plod along at just 60mph. To be fair, I do most of my motorway style driving at just 60 to 65mph no matter what I'm driving, or where I'm going, so I was feeling pretty relaxed as I drove across the Severn bridge into Wales, the only thing that could've made it better for me was if I was driving alongside a grey Mustang as I crossed the bridge, it didn't happen, but I had my camera ready just incase. Just under three hours later I was pulling up outside the secret hideout, and the tank was empty. I have been keeping an eye on the amount of fuel that the Bentley uses, and so I've started to become quite good at guessing how much I'll need, and I thought I was pretty much spot on. It would appear that on a run giving the Bentley it's very best chance at being as economical as it can I am getting around about 15mpg. If I am to keep this thing I really should look into seeing if I can get some sort of sponsorship deal from Esso or something. It's not all bad though as I am collecting Nectar points at a phenomenal rate which will be a big help when Christmas comes.

During the week I discussed the running costs of the Bentley with my Brothers and they couldn't believe how much I was spending on petrol, and I'll admit, it is quite a lot, and it is bad. However, and this is usually my go-to argument whenever someone is saying how expensive fuel is, it's nowhere near as expensive as a cup of coffee from this fella...

No, that's not Faceman from The A-Team we're looking at here, this is the original series of Battlestar Galactica we're watching! Anyhoo, right now, in the UK if I was going to buy a gallon of petrol it's going to cost me about £7.73, which is pretty bad, and we're all moaning about it. But if I was to visit this fellas coffee house for a gallon of his latte I'd be splashing out a whopping £25.93! Or thereabouts. We're all complaining about the cost of petrol, yet nobody moans about the price of a cup of hot water, a handful of beans and a splosh of milk, we all happily pay the money, and go on with our day... Madness. My Brothers supped at their expensive coffee as they mulled it over. I don't think they see it, but for me the petrol is the bargain, although I'm still not thrilled with the price.

Well the week was spent painting and decorating, and I did a little bit of running about in the Bentley getting supplies. By the time I returned to BelongaClint I'd splashed £200 worth of go-go juice into the tank of the Bentley, and to be honest, I reckon if I'd have taken the Navara I would've used less than half of that, and should I have taken the StreetKa, probably less than a third. But the thing is I know my time with the Bentley will eventually end. It will be gone and I'll have nothing but photos, and financial ruin to remember it by. Whereas I'll still have the Navara and StreetKa to drive around in long after the Bentley is gone (Unless I have to sell them to fuel the Bentley). So for now atleast I'm going to try not to think about how much it's costing me to run it, and just drive it, enjoy it, make some memories, take some photos, and have some fun. Damn the expense, when this thing is gone I'll eventually climb out from the massive financial hole it's dug in my bank account, and when I'm dribbling into my cornflakes in an old folks home hopefully I'll still be able to remember that once upon a time I owned a Bentley, and it was epic.