Episode 266. Ford StreetKa. WU04 ZLV. (Part 7).

 The 3rd of October 2021 is when this little beauty returned to the road, not quite finished, but finished enough! Or atleast, finished enough to get an MOT on it. I'll bet that when this thing was on the back of a lorry and heading for the scrapyard it never thought it would see the road again, and I'll admit when I first saw it dumped outside my garage I thought the same thing. As did, so it seems pretty much most of my friends. But return to the road it has!

So whats left to do? Well at some point I'd like to fit a different set of wheels, the wheels that I've had in mind for some time have been a set of the 40th anniversary Wolfrace slotmags. I like the five spokes that I've got on there, but being that they were originally supposed to be fitted to a Sierra XR4i they are the wrong offset, and as much as I like the way they look, they are just proud of the arches and they do rub on them from time to time, especially if I'm out with her worshipfulness in the car, and I'm making a turn at slow speed, like for instance when I'm parking. But apart from that I quite like them, however I think the tyres could be better, they're getting a bit thin, so perhaps I need to start the search for a set of those Wolfies sooner rahter than later as I don't want to fit new tyres to wheels I plan to change if that makes sense?

I'd also like to fit some front driving, and fog lights. Both the SportKa, and the StreetKa came with front fog lights that fitted in the shaped apetures on either side of the opening in the front bumper, and I've thought about buying a pair to fit into mine. However if I can get hold of some sort of combination unit that had both spot, and fog lights in one small housing then I'm pretty sure that's what I'll fit. I've found a couple, but they're too big for the hole that the original fog lights would normally occupy, and that's where I want to fit them even though the shape of the hole would be wrong. So the search continues, and at this point in time I'm starting to wonder if I should just buy two pairs of smaller units, one fog, and one spot light, and fit them together in the original fog light apeture. My feeling is that this might look too fussy, so for the moment the search for a fog/spot light combo continues.

I'm also still debating whether or not I want to put stickers on the bodywork. I know that originally that was the plan, to have roundels with numbers on the doors and a few racing type stickers, as I've always wanted to do this to my car, but never done it because I don't really like it. The trouble is, when I see someone else do a similar thing I like it on their car, but for some reason I feel that if I do it to mine, I'll not like it at all. I do struggle with stickers to be fair, but perhaps I need to do some image searching and try and get some sort of inspiration. I wonder if I should just go out and buy some stickers and put them on, I mean whats the worst that could happen? If I hate how it looks I could always peel them back off again, right? But then I think what if it takes the paint with them, and leaves the bodywork looking worse than it already does? I don't know, maybe I should just do it, then whether I like it or not it's done and I can say that I did it to a car once, and don't need to do it again because I've scratched that itch.

Then there's the interior. I think it's pretty much as good as it's gonna get, however it could look better. I doubt that I'll ever get around to fitting a carpet to it because, well quite frankly I can't be bothered. But that dashboard does need some sort of finishing off. I've got the fascia trim pieces, and they just need fitting, but due to driving it all the time I'm struggling to get around to it. I think I'd also like to fit the trim that goes around the steering column, but for the same reason as the dashboard fascia, I'm struggling to get around to it. Worse still, I've even got the bits, and how long will it take? 10 minutes maybe? I'll get it on over the Christmas period... Maybe. I'd also like to fit a rev counter, possibly in one of the apetures for the dash vents. I think that might look cool. I'd also like to fit an oil pressure, water temperature, and voltmeter gauge, and I'll probably fit them where the double din stereo should go. As for the stereo, well I've been backwards and forwards over whether or not I need, or even want one. Often I don't turn it on when I'm driving, but I keep thinking that maybe it would be nice to have one in this little thing. So I've ordered a single din USB type stereo that only goes about two inches deep into the dashboard. I figure that as it's so shallow it will probably fit quite well in the glove box. As it's only about £20 including delivery from those guys that brought us covid I'm not expecting it to be brilliant quality, but we shall see!

So, now that the sCRAPnugget is MOT'd and ready to go whats it like? Well, it's far from perfect as I'm sure you can imagine, but it is epic! I feel like every time I get one of these little StreetKas I enjoy it more than the one I had before, and this is probably the worst one I've ever had. But still as soon as I slide behind that fat square steering wheel I find that I'm grinning like an idiot. Speaking of the fat square steering wheel, that's an odd thing to drive with. I mean it's OK, but I can never seem to get my hands in a place that seems right, or even comfortable. Looking at it it's pretty evident where the designers at Ford thought you'd probably put your hands, but that's not right for me. I do find myself wondering what Ford product that steering wheel came out of in the first place, and would it feel comfortable to me if it was in the car that it was originally designed to be fitted to? Who knows, and frankly I'm not sure I even care. Will I be changing it out in the near future for a more conventional round one? No I will not, how boring would that be? I'm going stick it out with the square one until I no longer own this car, as Huey Lewis used to say, It's hip to be square.

Other things of note are that inside the cockpit it's quite noisy. I'm guessing that this is due in part to the lack of carpet, and sound deadening. But you get the road noise from the tyres, the engine noise, the gearbox whines like a supercharger, and just recently I'm starting to get a loud knocking noise from the rear whenever I hit a bump. Hopefully that's just going to turn out to be a shock absorber calling it a day, but I've not yet investigated.

But apart from these minor niggles, I've really got no bad things to say about it. It's a fun little car, that I don't need to worry too much about, and I love it.

So where do I go from here? Well, I'm not selling it thats for sure, or atleast, not in the foreseeable future, remember this junk has cost me £1143.37 so far, and for that kind of money I could've got me a good one, actually, a very good one. But it wouldn't have been this one, there's not another one like this, and I know it looks bad, I know it looks rough, and I know it's far from perfect, but that's the point, it's so much fun and I really don't need to worry about it because it's so scruffy. Plus, even when I'm blezzing around in the thing it sips at the go-go juice, and with petrol prices the way they are that can only be a good thing. So I think that for now, and a good long time yet I'll just keep fettling it, playing with it, driving it, maintaining it, and enjoying it. It's just fantastic!