Episode 256. Nissan Navara. DX03 LKV. (Part 3).

 I'm at a bit of a crossorads with this thing at the moment. A couple of years ago when I bought it I remember thinking that I wasn't sure it was my favourite of all the pick ups I've owned, and I thought it was more agricultural than the Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, and Ford pick ups that preceeded it in my automotive back catalogue. But I remember thinking that maybe it would grow on me the more I drove it, and that only time would tell.

 Well a couple of years, and several thousand miles later time has told, this truck, is good! There is almost nothing I don't like about it. I think that about the only thing I would change would be for the cab to be a little bigger, pehaps not as big as a crew cab, because I like that it only has two doors. But just slightly bigger so that the rear seats, instead of folding out from the side of the cab, just face forwards as normal. I think the only other super cab I've ever owned was a 1999 Dodge Dakota, this had small, but forwards facing rear seats, although that being said the Dakota was the best part of 16" longer than the Navara, but just 1/2" wider. I'm not sure that all of the extra length of the Dakota was in the cab, but it certainly felt a bit roomier. Although, that being said, back then my two little Monsters were still small and portable, not the heavy handed chunky monkeys they've grown into!

 But perhaps despite not being large enough in the cab for my two ever growing Monsters, I have found in all other areas this truck has been brilliant. The Navara and I have undertook no end of missions for other people, collecting building materials for family, friends, and even myself. I've had some pretty big loads in the back and it just pulls it along the road almost as if the bed is empty. Although that being said, you do notice the added weight as you drive around the corners, especially if you happen to be carrying perhaps just a little too much speed as you enter the bend.

 With the A-frame attached I've collected cars for family, friends, and myself, and so far it's pulled them all extremely well. Although the Freelander in the pic may have been a bit too much in the cold, and wet as I found that it did seem to want to push the rear end of the Navara out as I went around roundabouts, and tight bends. But with a bit more care and attention I made it back the best part of 100 miles from Northampton to my friends house in Winchester without any dramas.

 In all weathers the Navara seems to be more than capeable, from the very hot, to the very cold it starts first time every time, and even when it hadn't been used for six months during the lockdown, I put the key in the ignition, cranked it once, and away it went. I know I'm tempting fate here, but it has never let me down. No matter what I need it to do, it does it without any hint of a problem.

 But despite how good this little pick up is, like I said at the very beginning I seem to be at a bit of a crossorads with this thing at the moment. I like it, I really do, and it really has grown on me over the last couple of years. But I feel like a change, and therein lies the problem. Firstly, I don't want to get rid of it. My initial thought was that maybe Mrs Clint would like it, I mean she's had a couple of 4x4's (The Rav4, and the CR-v) and she loved both of those. She even likes pick up's, but for whatever reason she doesn't like my Navara... Weird!  But I've been trying to convince her for the last six months or so that she needs to be driving the Navara so that I can buy something new (to me atleast). However in her eyes she thinks that she is the one that needs a new car, apparently a Ford Maverick is the way forwards for her worshipfulness, or even... A Ford Ranger! As I slapped myself in the forehead in disbelief I find myself telling her that my (actually I used the word 'our' Navara as a way of trying to convey to her that it's kinda already hers) is the way forward. We already have it and we know it's good. But apparently it's not as good as a Ford Ranger, but better yet. She's not talking about a new Ford Ranger, what has caught Mrs Clints eye is actually a first generation Ford Ranger, or a fifth generation Mazda B-Series pick up if you will. How do I convince her that my first generation Navara, which is about the same age as the Ranger she wants is actually better? Don't get me wrong, I like the Ranger, and I thought my second generation Ranger was great, but would I swap it for my Navara? Hmm, good question... Probably not.

This brings about the other problem. If I can't convince Mrs Clint to take on the Navara, and I have to sell it, what do I replace it with? I think no matter what it is I'd quite like it to be another super cab of some description. Probably not a second generation Navara, as although I quite like them to look at my friend (Eeyore) has one, and he's had a few electrical type problems with his, and I'm not sure he's ever been as happy with his as I have been with mine. I do often find myself looking at the first generation Isuzu D-max super cab. I quite like the look of them, and although I know it's going to be pretty much identical to drive, and even look at as my Chevrolet LUV that my Navara replaced I'd be happy to have another one. Then there's the third generation Ford Ranger (T6) I really do quite fancy one of these, again it would need to be the super cab, but I think they look great. The trouble with this is, in my mind if I buy myself a (T6) Ranger I can't help feeling that I'll still be driving the Navara, while her worshipfulness drives around in my new Ranger. Lastly, ever since selling my Dakota which was maybe ten years ago I have found myself hankering after another one, and as much as I liked my second generation Dakota, and would have another one, I think I might rather find myself a third generation one instead this time. I like the way they look, and I've not had one of those... Yet. The problem with the Dakota however is that they don't show up for sale all that often here in England, and when they do they're usually crew cabs, which despite saying there's not enough room in a super cab for my two little Monsters, I still would prefer a super cab.

I guess the only other option, seeing as the only reason I'm selling it is out of boredom more than anything would be to play with the Navara I've got a bit more. I was passed the other day by another Navara of a similar vintage, however this one was a crew cab, but it had been played with a little, and had larger wheel arches, and bigger wheels with chunkier tyres to fill them. It looked pretty good, and I wondered if I was to do that treatment to mine, would that remove the need for me to find something new? Not that I need another project you understand! Or maybe the new look would appeal to Mrs Clint a bit more and she'd be happier to take the Navara on. I don't know, but maybe it's worth looking into where I can source a set of larger arches, and wheels for my Navara, although I can't help feeling six months after fitting them I might still be on the lookout for a new truck because although the looks would've changed, the drive probably wouldn't.

Of course, then there's the really risky option, sell Mrs Clints Focus Cc, and give her my Navara while I 'look' for a new car for her worshipfulness (which I'll never find). That might work because she'll either realise just how good my Navara is to drive, and start to enjoy it so she keeps it. Or she'll just run me over with it, and that will be the end of me. Either way my problem will be solved! Hmm, I dunno, She's still not really over me selling her Rav4, or the CR-v for that matter. Maybe I might have to give it a little bit more thought. I'll let you know how I get on.