Episode 204. Ford Street Ka. HY53 RZR. (Part 1).

So with the Jaguar finally sold it was time to move on to car number five, the May car. Back in the middle of last month when I foolishly thought that I would sell my Jaguar by the end of the month I was in a car park taking my usual photos for the listing of the Jag on ebay. As I left the car park I noticed a young lady doing exactly the same thing, so I went over to her to ask her if she was photographing her car in order to sell it. Yes she said. So I asked her how much she would like for it, and how much MOT was on it, It was MOTd yesterday she said, and she was looking for just £650!

I thought that sounded like a good deal, and with some advice from various people on how a Sport Ka might be a good car to have a go in I took her number, and headed back to BelongaClint. I know that I probably should've tried to buy it from her there and then, but at the time I was just a week or so away from my scheduled repair/maintenance at the hospital, and as rediculous as this sounds, in the back of my mind I honestly wondered if I'd actually be finishing the story if you get my drift. Anyway, with her number in hand I headed home to give myself a stern talking to, get my shizzle together because of course I was going to be fine, and go back and buy the Street Ka. It took a couple of days, and still not sure of what condition I might be in after my surgery, I headed back to see the young lady to put some money in her hand and try and buy myself a Street Ka.

So here it is, my 2003 Ford Street Ka, with a 1.6 litre petrol engine, and 118,508 miles on the odometer. Now, having two children and a wife a two seat convertible might not have really been the most practical car to buy, but having previously owned an original and surprisingly rust free Ka...

Which I drove and enjoyed all of about 20 miles before one of my friends needed it more than me. I decided that along with the previous recommendation for a Sport Ka, and my feeling that I might need a bit of a pick me up after my surgery I figured that a Street Ka would possibly fit the bill quite nicely! So then, first impressions? What a blast!! It's 1600cc engine buzzing away under the bonnet propels this little pocket rocket along very VERY well indeed, and having a wheel literally on each corner makes the pin sharp handling nothing short of fantastic!! THIS IS EPIC!!! After the Jaguar this is really is a breath of fresh air, especially with the roof down!!

With my surgery now done about ten days or so ago I headed out for a drive, and the motoring was good!! I immediately went round to my friends house to show him my latest purchase, it was sunny, and so I had the roof down. I suggested we go for a spin, but he was reluctant as he felt we would look like a pair of gays riding around in a Street Ka. I told him that frankly after the last couple of weeks I'd been having that I didn't care what anyone thought, and produced from the glove box a pair of sunglasses that even Elton John would have had reservations about wearing. I then expained to him that I had purchased them expressly for the purpose of driving the Ka!

C'mon I said, putting on the sunglasses, I Remember When Rock Was Young... Hop in. NO he said, put the roof up, then I'll get in! I said that there was no way that roof was going up while the big orange orb was out, and that he was looking at it all wrong. I said don't look at it like we're a pair of gays blazing about with the roof down, look at it like we're the Tesco Value goods version of Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice, I went on to inform him he was Tubbs... Probably didn't help my argument, but he got in anyway, as long as I didn't wear the sunglasses! The funny thing is, being the delusional kind of fella I am, I DO feel like Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice, in my minds eye we looked like this...

Truth be known neither my friend, or myself look like Crockett or Tubbs! But in my minds eye, we easily looked as good as this, and I'm still Crockett too. I happened to find an old CD of eighties theme tunes down at our local tip, I didn't go looking for one... HONEST!! I pushed the soundtrack to Miami Vice into the stereo, and pulled out onto the street! That CD has been pretty much constantly playing in the Street Ka every time I took it out, it's great, and it's been such a blast. However sadly while I was out the other day in the Ka with the roof down I happened to glance into a shop window only to see in the reflection that I didn't look so much like Crockett driving the Ferarri in Miami Vice, oh no, what I actually looked like was more like this...

And it gets worse... Mrs Clint says I'm BIG EARS!!! Oh well... Never mind it's still a fantastic car to drive so I'll try to gloss over how uncool I actually look!! Incidentally, incase you're wondering, this kind of delusional behavoir is nothing new to me, when I'm out driving my Mustang I am Frank Bullitt from Bullitt, and yes, I do have the soundtrack, however, and I think this opinion is pretty universally agreed upon in my circle of friends, I'm actuallty more like Frank Drebben... From Police Squad!

 But never mind, as long as I don't see my reflection when I'm driving my Mustang then Frank Bullitt I am. Similarly as long as I don't pass, or look at my reflection in the huge mirror I drive past pretty much every day in town, then I am not Big Ears, I am James "Sonny" Crockett from Miami Vice. Now, lets just head to the charity shop and see if I can pick me up a nice white suit jacket!