Episode 195. Jaguar X-type. BJ04 FBZ. (Part 1).

So here we are, car number four, which actually should have been car number three, the March car, no wait, the April car!!

A 2004 Jaguar X-type estate  with a 2.0litre Diesel engine, and just 182,236 miles on its odometer!
Now then, depending upon which country you live in you're probably thinking that's a nice Jaguar if you're English and know how to pronounce it correctly, or if you happen to be from Americaland you probably think its a nice Jagwaaaaah!! Failing that, like me and the majority of people influenced by Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear crew, it's a nice Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag! But however you pronounce it, if you've been reading my blog of babble for very long you probably know that I actually bought this car early on in February as I had planned a trip to Germany in it, and I wanted something big enough to carry three adults, two children, all our luggage, and possibly tow a car transporter trailer home. 

I decided in my wisdom or otherwise that the way forward was to buy a Jaguar X-type estate. Now, as I understood it, if you travel across Europe in your car you're supposed to carry amoungst other things all your documents for the car you're driving, and your driving license, insurance, and V5c etc. This is why I bought it very early on in February so that the DVLA had time to get the documents for the Jaguar back to me in time for my trip. Anyway the DVLA advise it can take up to six weeks for the documents to arrive and even after this time, they never arrived. I foolishly phoned the DVLA to see what the hold up was instead of just crossing my fingers and going for it, and they informed me that the previous owner had not yet sent them the documents informing them of a change of owner. I then got into a rather heated debate with a young man with a bit of a Hitler complex, who eventually won the debate by telling me that I couldn't take the Jaguar out of the country without the documents as it could be a stolen car that I was trying to take out of the country to sell. He then informed me that he had alerted the ports of my Jaguars number plate, and that if I did try to take it out of the country it would get siezed at the ports with everything in it until they could find out who actually owned it!! What a laugh eh? Anyway, I guess the little Hitler won that round then! So with just two days to go before I was planning to make the trip to Germany I hastily bought the Omega, crossed my fingers, and went to Germany the whole time hoping that the Polizei wouldn't stop us and want to see all my documents! As you know, the trip went well in the Omega.. Sort of!

Incidentally, the documents for the Jaguar arrived while we were away in Germany, and they say that I am the second owner, and that I bought the car in April 2012 something a bit iffy there me thinks, so I phoned the DVLA again, and they tell me that there are a couple of outstanding speeding fines on it, and that if I can prove when I bought it and from who I should send this evidence to them and then I would get new documents with the correct information, and I won't then be liable for the fines.

So much for innocent until proven guilty! Anyway, first impressions. Well, I'm a bit disappointed if I'm honest. I've never been a Jaguar man really, I never liked the E-type, I never liked the XJS (although I look at them both nowadays and think that actually, I do quite like them!) I do however like the XK8 and on more than one occasion I have nearly bought one. I also quite like the looks of the X-type, especailly the estate, and as you probably already know, I do quite like the looks of the S-type! But like I said, I wouldn't consider myself to be a Jaguar man. However, my Dad has always quite fancied one, but he has never owned one. My Uncle had loads, when we were kids he always seemed to have a different XJS, or XJ6 in his drive, I reckon he changed them when his ashtrays were full! He always said how great they were, and often bought me toy Jags. Infact, in his whole life as far as I can remember he only ever bought one car that wasn't a Jaguar, and I might go into that a bit later, possibly after I sell my X-type. So due to all the hype that my Uncle, and to a lesser extent my Dad made about the Jaguars, even though I wasn't a big fan, I sort of have them on a bit of a pedastool in my mind! In Mrs Clints family there have been a few Jaguars too, the last one being an old XJ6 which was owned by her 86 year old Nan until she used it in a fit of road-rage to barge a taxi driver off the road who had previously over charged her. By all accounts she T-boned his taxi, then just kept her foot on the loud pedal until the taxi was in a field! She's quite a fierce old biddy when she's riled!

So when I bought mine, as seems to be (almost) common practice these days it was pretty much out of go-go juice, so I will oblige you and put up the first fill up shot...

The other car is my Brothers, the Chim-mobile! He gets to accompany my on many of my car adventures! So I put a decent splash of go-go juice in, and off we went towards home. It's a stinkin diesel, so I was expecting a decent MPG figure, and fiddling around with the switches I managed to come across the average MPG figure on the computery thingy, it was 23.7 MPG!! 23.7, that's not very good is it, how hard did the woman who last owned it drive it? She must've been like the Little Old Lady From Pasadena that the likes of Jan & Dean, and The Beach Boys sung about in the 1960's! 

So upon seeing this figure and scaring myself I decided that I would put on my lightest footware and see what I can do to improve that MPG figure. I have managed to improve on it quite a lot, at the moment I've driven the car just under 100 miles, and I've got the figure up to 30.1 MPG, phew, thats definately an improvement, but I'm hoping to get it even better still! Apart from the MPG I do have a couple of other niggles. One is the interior rear view mirror, and this is probably specific to me, and people who are about my size. For me, it's just in the damn way all the time. I reckon Jaguar could've mounted it another three or maybe even four inches higher on the windscreen and it would've been fine. The other thing about it I don't like is that I find the seats are a bit small for my lardy arse, and therefore not very comfy, plus I think the ride is a bit harsh. Infact I did have a compareable car on my fleet with a similar ride, it was this one...

Not good, a ten year old Jaguar should in my opinion have a better ride than a thirty odd year old lowered Talbot! So what esle can I say about the Jag? Well, it cost me £1800.13 has a little bit of service history and is MOTd for about another nine months or so. It runs nice, it drives ok, and I guess that it is ok really. Ofcourse since having it I am getting all my friends telling me that it's mostly made from cast offs from the Ford Mundano parts bin, and I think that nowhere is that more evident than the key you use to start it. Having said that, whats wrong with that? Many, many cars share parts with other cars, from an economical stand point why spend money, time, and effort developing something thats already been developed and is already in use somewhere else in the parent companys line up of cars? But I have wondered if this is why it just doesn't feel very special? Is it because its an old Mundano in a pretty party dress? I don't think it is, I mean the Capri was just an old Cortina in a pretty dress, and the Mustang was just an old Falcon in a pretty party dress, and both the Capri, and Mustang are regarded as quite special, so why doesn't this X-type feel special? I dunno, I wonder if, due to the way my Dad, and Uncle felt towards Jags, perhaps they've just been bigged up in my mind, and this is a case of you shouldn't meet your heroes. But, I feel that maybe, and probably more likely the problem is that the hastily added Omega before it, I really liked that, and now it's gone, and I'm driving the Jag, which I'm sure is a perfectly good car by the way, I wonder whether the Jag through no fault of it's own just can't compete (probably because of my rose tinted glasses) with how I felt about the Omega? The Jag is perhaps the re-bound car in the same way that sometimes you have a girlfriend who you love very much, and then you break up with her, and you find someone else who is lovely, and you want to love her but you just don't, and you never feel the way about the re-bound girl as you did for the girl you loved before her. Hmm, let's hope not, the last re-bound girlfriend I had nearly murdered me, so lets just hope that my re-bound car doesn't try the same thing! Still, however I feel about it right now I'm going to stick it out for a month, and hopefully it's grow on my and I'll start to enjoy it the more I drive it, but only time will tell.