Episode 143. Retro Rides Weekender 2019.

I've been meaning to attend a Retro Rides show for some time now, but as they always seem to coincide with something else I'm doing I always miss out. This year, the weekender at Goodwood would be no exception. I had planned to go to the autojumble at Beaulieu as I do every year. However, after going to the autojumble, and getting charged a rediculous amount of money to get in, only to find that I had got round it all in just over an hour I decided to head on down to the other end of the M27 to Goodwood, and the final day of the weekender. Next year, I'll not bother with the autojumble, and just go to the weekender instead. OK, no more whinging from now, only pictures!

Thanks for looking!