Episode 130. Budget Hot Rod. (Part 6).

Several weeks went by and I got a call from G.J. asking if I was planning to do anything with the engine and axle in the chassis? I said, like what? G.J. said, well, I've got a good 2.0 litre Ford Pinto with five speed geabox that would fit in it if I was interested? I was interested, as I felt that the extra 700cc's would make all the difference! Also, I wasn't too sure that I could get the 1.3 litre engine that was in it to go, it had been a long time since it had been used. G.J asked if I wanted to come and get it, clean it up and bring it back so that it's all ready looking a little bit better as it would be hanging out in the wind for all to see. I headed down to Bournemouth, and collected the engine and back axle to clean up and put a coat of paint on. Upon arriving at G.J's workshop they had already unbolted everything that could be unbolted from the kit car chassis including the radiator mount that was originally ahead of the front suspension. I asked them if this was OK, and they reassured me that unbolting stuff was fine, and as it was only a sub-structure to hold the radiator and front bumper on it wouldn't effect the rigidity of the chassis. The chassis was starting to look quite good, they had already spent some time going over it with a wire wheel, and as the box tubing that it was made from was really quite thick it didn't need too much in the way of repairs.

I loaded the back axle, engine, and gearbox into my P-100, and headed off wondering what the chassis would look like the next time I went down there to see it. After a week or so of cleaning the engine, wire brushing the back axle and giving it all a good couple of coats of engine enamel I loaded it all back into the P-100, and headed back to G.J's workshop. On the way there I was fully expecting to see my Hot-Rod body mounted on the cleaned up Kit-Car chassis. When I got there I was a bit dissapointed, the chassis was tucked into a corner, and looked exactly the same as it did when I last saw it. I asked G.J. why it hadn't progressed in the last week or so? He said that before he mounted the body, he preffered to have the engine in it, and the back axle under it again. That way everything should be in the right place to put the body on. We chatted a bit more, and he assured me that once the engine and axle was back on the chassis, the bodywork would begin! I left saying that I'd see him in a couple of weeks, and hopefully there would be some progress to show me! I could see that if I wasn't careful this could go on for a while, much like M.C.s Hot-Rod that I still hadn't seen, and was now several months late being delivered!

A couple of weeks later, and once again I was heading down to G.J.s workshop in Bournemouth. M.C. had asked me to check on the progress of his Hot-Rod while I was there. I wondered what the heck I was going to tell him when I got home and his still wasn't started! I also wondered why M.C. didn't go down there himself, or even with me to see for himself what the hold up was. Arriving at G.J.s workshop I was greeted with this sight in the open doorway...

I knew right away it was mine, and I also knew that it was nowhere near ready to leave his workshop, but just seeing it finally starting to take shape made the world of difference to my mood! It was still very much in the mock up stage, nothing was bolted down, nothing was fibre-glassed together, it was all just placed loosely on the chassis. But that didn't matter a bit to me, I could see it, it looked like a car, it looked like a Hot-Rod!.. Sort of!

It even had a roughly shaped ply-wood floor sitting in the tub on the chassis! Obviously there was no mounting for the radiator just yet, but mounting points for things like the pedals, steering column, and engine had been made, and were in situ. I was pretty chuffed, I asked G.J. how long he thought it would be before it would be ready for me. He thought that I'd probably have it in about a month, or at the very longest, six weeks! I thought to myself that that probably means two or three months... At the earliest! But I didn't care, I had something that resembled a Hot-Rod at long last. I headed back to my car, and just as I got there I realised that in my euphoria I had forgotton to ask about M.C.s Hot-Rod. I walked back in, and G.J. asked me what I'd forgotton? I said that I'd forgotton to ask about M.C.s Hot-Rod, I kinda needed some good news as I had to report back to him about it's progress! G.J. pointed just behind my Hot-Rod...

Relax, he said... It's comming! Indeed it was, but it didn't look anywhere near as together as mine was looking! I told him that was a relief, and took a few snaps of it to show M.C. when I got home. As I left I reminded G.J. that M.C. needed to have his Hot-Rod before I got mine. I just couldn't stand the moaning that would insue if I got mine first. G.J. assured me that he would get his delivered before I got mine, and everything would be fine! I left, happy that mine was coming along, happy that M.C.s was coming along, but quite concerend that mine would arrive first!