Episode 114. Ford Mustang. WK05 AOU. (Part 3).

It would appear to me that whenever I talk about this thing the main subject of the topic is neglect, and this will be no different! The last time I wrote about it was Episode 62, and that was nine months ago in February! Back then I was saying that I hadn't driven it in six months as it had ran out of MOT in September 2017. The main problem being that I have other toys to play with. The trouble with having a car collection is that you tend to take the one nearest the house, and as the Mustang was nowhere near the house it almost became a case of out of sight, out of mind.

Worse than this however was the fact that I saw it and ignored it every day at work! Back in February I discovered to my horror that the interior had four inches of water in the foot wells, and the softer materials of the interior were going moldy! 

The steering wheel had got some sort of growth going on it, and felt a little bit powdery to touch. About the only thing that still seemed to be ok was the hard plastics of the interior. Anything that was soft to the touch or made of fabric had some sort of science project on the go!

I'll be honest, it was pretty disgusting! It also didn't fill me with desire to drive it! What it needed now was a damn good airing, and then a jolly good cleaning! The Summer finally arrived, and with it the warmer weather. Whenever I was at work I opened both the doors on the Mustang to let the air circulate. But it was about that time when I thought that it was about time to dig out another of my cars from it's long slumber...

The Celeste (Episode 82) This was the first time the Mustang and Celeste had been parked together in over a decade, and I realised that if I wasn't careful the Mustang was heading the same way as the Celeste did, accidentally into storage for years on end! I didn't want this to happen, but I had so much other stuff going on, and other cars to play with that I did nothing more to the Mustang other than keep opening the doors every day to air it, and start it up and let it run for twenty minutes or so a day. I'm not too sure if this was doing any good, but in my mind it was better than just letting it sit.

Time continued to pass, and I still didn't really touch it until, in October I had a bit of a moment! Earlier in the year Mrs Clint had decided that it was unnatural for a man to go his whole life being blissfully happy, and with almost five decades under my belt it was about time I married her. A date was set by Mrs Clint, and that date was the 03 November 2018... Judgement day! Well, no, not really, but that's how it felt to me. I mean we've been together for years, have two children one of which is an angry teenager! Why should we spoil it by getting married? Anyhoo, that's what her worshipfulness had decided. So as I sat there at work one October day eating my lunch I suddenly thought that the Mustang had been in our life through some pretty big events. Admittedly it didn't bring my First born back from the hospital after she was born, I was working away at the time and so her first ride was in a taxi! But it brought the youngest child home when she was born. It's taken them both on their first days to school, it's taken us on our first holidays, infact, it's pretty much done it all with our little family, except for when I've been neglecting it. I figured that it should also be the car that I drive to our wedding.

I took a couple of days off to give it a good clean.

The plastics scrubbed up alright, and even the seats cleaned up ok, but those carpets were still damp, and grubby. for over six months it had stood in the sun, yet somehow those carpets, that back in February were under four inches of water, were still damp. I'd been running the car with the heater going full blast, and those stupid little plastic tubs from poundland which are supposed to dehumidify the air had been littering the interior since March. But somehow, still damp!

I got a wet 'n' dry vacuum cleaner on the carpets to try and suck the water out, and it did a little bit, but they were not as dry as I wanted them. Time was running out. I figured that at least it was looking a little more presentable, and therefore I could take it out to my tame motor mechanic to give it a bit of a going through before taking it for it's MOT. So with the Mustang all polished up I phoned my Dad and asked him to pick me up from my mechanics workshop. Driving the five or six miles to his workshop I was suddenly aware that the little red dot ahead of me...

Was my Dad in his Mustang! Driving my Mustang for the first time in about 14 months felt so good, but driving along those twisty country roads following my Dad in his Mustang just somehow made it feel extra special! I'd forgotten how much I like driving this car, I've missed driving it, I really have! It may only be a V6, and it may not be the best Mustang in the world, and some people may not even consider it to be a 'proper' Mustang (whatever that is!) But It's my Mustang, and I really enjoy it. I felt quite ashamed with myself for leaving it for so long, and so I have decided that I wont be leaving it so long again. In fact I'm going to try and drive it as often as possible. When I bought it back in 2005 it was to be my daily driver, and it has been up until about five years ago when I started to drive all this other junk that I like. I'm not complaining, I've been having a great time with the other stuff, and I still plan to buy, drive and enjoy the other stuff too, it's just I plan to drive this a lot more as well, even if it's just the school runs, it's gonna get driven!

Well after a good looking over by my tame motor mechanic it went for it's MOT, and happily it passed, although it did have a couple of advisories, mostly due to being stood around for over a year. I asked my mechanic what I should do about the damp carpets, and he said just drive it. So since having the MOT I have been driving it... A lot!

It's been a long time since these two were parked together on the street! But I have been driving the Mustang everywhere. Its doing the school runs, it's doing the shopping runs, it's even been doing the collecting crap I've bought on ebay runs, and yes, it did take me to my doom... Erm... Wedding!

Although it's fair to say that my Mustang was eclipsed by the absolutely beautiful 1959 Cadillac that I had hired to whisk Mrs Clint and her coven to the church. That car was absolutely beautiful, and I was quite greatful to the owner of it who stepped in short notice after I had been let down by the first guy who I had arranged to take her worshipfulness to the church!

Anyway, since then it has been a Mustang day almost every day, and I can really say that I am quite enjoying it again. So much so that the other day while out running errands I stumbled across a local monthly Mustang meet.

Of course I managed to stumble across it as it pretty much ended, but I pulled in for a bit of a chat anyway. Looked to be a pretty good meet and so hopefully I will be able to make the next one on the 6th of January 2019.

Now, you may be wondering if after six weeks of driving since it's MOT are my carpets dry yet? Well the answer is, yes they are. It seems odd to me that it had all the heat of Summer to dry those carpets out, and I was even running it for twenty minutes a day with the doors closed and the heaters going full chat in a bid to dry them. I would then leave the doors open all day in the sun to let the airbourne moisture escape, and none of that was fully drying the carpets. Six weeks on the road, and they are bone dry again! and better yet, it doesn't smell damp inside. I guess the answer is if you want to keep your car nice, drive it often!

You may also be wondering that after a month of wedded life how it's going? Well, I've discovered a bit of a loop hole. The whole time Mrs Clint and I have been together she has said that I can have as many cars and motorbikes as I like, but only ONE girlfriend! The thing is, now that she has up-graded herself to wife, that leaves the position of girlfriend vacant! So in the six years or so since Tinder was developed I feel that I have probably missed out on so much, and so I think I should check in there for a bit to find myself a girlfriend. But I'm going to stick to Mrs Clints rules, and just have the one... at a time!!

Only Joking Mrs Clint... Only joking!😄