Episode 101. Honda CR-V. W158 JHO. (Part 3).

I thought it was about time for a little update on Mrs Clints Honda CR-V. 

Now Mrs Clint is away for the weekend, and has left me to my own devices. Of course, without proper adult supervision, anything could happen, and as usual without the guiding light that is Mrs Clint, anything has happened! This no doubt will be my last post, as when Mrs Clint returns home from her lovely weekend away with her friends she is probably going to murder me...

Goodbye! Yep, that is Mrs Clints Honda CR-V leaving BelongaClint because guess what, I've sold it!! Now long term sufferers of my pointless views may well remember when, a couple of years back, I sold her Toyota RAV4. That did not go well, not well at all! When we bought the CR-V it was pretty quickly evident that it was only "our" car while I was buying it, when I suggested that I have a drive of it, it was made pretty clear that although it was "our" car while I was buying it, now that it was home, it was hers! Mrs Clint then went on to set out some rules, and they were as follows...

I am not allowed to:-

Sell the CR-V.
Drive the CR-V.
Modify the CR-V.

I am however allowed to:-

Pay for the CR-V.
Tax the CR-V.
Insure the CR-V.
Maintain the CR-V.

To be fair we've had it a while now, and I had pretty much kept to the rules, apart from the odd trip out in the snow halfway across the country to collect a guitar! I also did almost sell it once, but Mrs Clint caught me in the act and put an end to that. However, like I said, this weekend, she's away, and although I had no plans to sell it, stuff happens, opportunity arises, and cars get sold, yep, even Mrs Clints!

This is why. A friend of mine has a Fiat Multipla, but the other day while she was sitting comfortably in her house, her Multipla decided that enough was enough, and promptly committed suicide...

Somehow, after being parked for a while the handbrake let go, and away it went down the hill, until a telegraph pole captured it. This did neither the telegraph pole, nor the Multipla any good at all. The only plus side to any of this was that nobody got in the way of the Multipla as it was off on its solo drive, and therefore, nobody got hurt as a result... Yet! Anyway, this lady has bought a couple of cars from me in the past, and as she knows that I am a car addict she came to me to ask me if I had anything she could buy quickly to replace it. Well, I'm not a people carrier fan really, to date I have had only had one, and that was a Fiat Multipla which previously belonged to my friend who replaced it with the Fiat Multipla that is hugging the telegraph pole in the photo above! So I said to her that I didn't have anythnig like the Multipla, but I do have the Daewoo! The problem there was that she didn't really like the Daewoo, she felt it was too big, and only having two doors it would be inconvenient. But then I remembered, I had "our" CR-V!

By "I", I obviously mean "we", and by that I mean Mrs Clint! So my friend gave the CR-V a looking over, and she liked it, and so, as I have no adult supervision, I sold it to her! My feeling is that she needs it more than we do, and besides, Mrs Clint can always use the Daewoo, or have it for herself should she so desire. Besides which, for the past couple of months she has been on about selling the Honda, and getting something else, so hopefully I've helped! Keep everything crossed!

So, to wrap it all up, what can I tell you about the CR-V? Well, I never loved it, but the problem with that is that I never loathed it either. In my opinion that is the worst thing about this car, there's just nothing to love about it, or nothing to hate about it, it's just ok. It's an appliance, and by that I mean that I feel exactly the same way about the CR-V as I do about our refrigerator! It is a car that is aimed fairly and squarely at people who don't really care about driving, they just want to travel from point A to point B, and as long is it gets them there, then that's OK.

The cargo area is a decent size, and swallows up all Mrs Clints junk with ease. Quite why she feels the need to carry so much stuff around with her all the time is anyones guess, but there you go. Added to that is that the floor of the cargo area is actually a fold out picnic table. Now if that doesn't say exciting to drive well I don't know what does! My feeling all along about this thing is that Honda had the elderly in mind when they designed it, and envisioned hundreds of elderly CR-V owners up and down the country sitting in lay-bys picnicking on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Lovely.

The rear seats are fairly comfortable according to my two little Monsters, and they quite liked the armrest. Or atleast, they quite liked to argue about whose arm got to rest on the armrest! One feature that they did both enjoy was the huge sunroof the CR-V has, and opening it up lets in quite a nice breeze without it being too choppy and blustery in the back.

Up front Mrs Clint said the seats were very comfortable, however I found them to get progressively less comfortable the longer you had your bum parked in them. For short journeys they we OK, but anything over about half an hour and I would start to get uncomfortable, and fidgety. I probably dont quite have the padding on my bottom that Mrs Clint has!! The other thing I could never quite understand was that both the front seats had an armrest, and there was a little fold out tray below that (which you can just about see with the bottle of dirty river water in it). The problem with the armrests was that when you had them folded down, gear selection was problematic, and if you had a bottle of dirty river water in the cup holder the armrest would be on top of it so that you couldn't get it out! Pointless! But much like the picnic table in the back, my guess is that the armrests up front were for when you were sitting in the car drinking a cup of tea, and enjoying the view, rather than for use whilst driving.

Under the bonnet, ah the heart of the beast! A monsterous 1973 cc Honda B-series engine. This dual overhead cam engine is never going to set the world on fire. Don't get me wrong, its been good, dependable, and extremely reliable, but fast is not what this machine is all about. However, frugal is probably the best way to describe this engine. With my light little feet dancing away on the pedals this thing just sipped at the petrol, if miles per gallon is your thing, then you'd probably need to go a long way to beat this beauty! It also has to be said that being four wheel drive meant it was pretty capeable. I'm not going to compare it to the four wheel drive abilities of a Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, or something of that ilk. But we drove this on wet grassy fields, muddy fields, wet sand, even snow, and it always felt pretty sure footed. For a soft roader, once your route took you away from the paved surfaces it wasn't too bad at driving off the beaten track at all.

Now, the more Eagle-eyed of you may well have noticed that Mrs Clints CR-V has some rather splendid flower decals! I put these on with the help of my eldest Monster late one evening after Mrs Clint had retired for the night. We did this not long after getting the CR-V, and upon seeing what we had done, it's safe to say that Mrs Clint was furious! But, in all fairness it was her own fault. We were at a barbeque, and Mrs Clint and her coven were complaining about how we, the men folk, never bought them anything (I'd not long bought the CR-V remember!), and how we never buy them flowers! Well, I had already bought these decals for another project, but I never used them, and so that night, on they went! when she got up for work the following morning, she was furious, and my phone was bombarded with texts telling me about her fury. To which I answered only once, and said that I had over heard how she and her coven were complaing about how the men folk never buy them flowers, I decided to do something about that, and got her flowers. Also, she had been complaing that when she looks out over the cars at her workplace its just a sea of silver cars. Therefore I stuck the flowers on in order to (A) buy her flowers, and (B) add a splash of colour to her sea of silver cars at work. Therefore killing two birds with one stone! She wasn't happy, she said she would pull them off, but she never has! Perhaps she has grown to like them. Hmm, I wonder if she does end up with the Daewoo, should I pull off the flame decals and replace them with flowers for her? Might be best not to poke the bear for a while! Besides, are the flowers really any worse than this?

Mrs Clint bought this little fella herself! He sits in the middle of the dashboard jiggling away as we drive along. The funny thing is, if I put anything on the dashboard I have to take it down as she can see it out of the corner of her eye, and it's distracting. But this little fella jiggling away in the middle of the dashboard apparently isn't! Ah well, at least it gives the CR-V some sort of personality I guess! I made sure to take it out before the CR-V left, perhaps I should put it in the Daewoo ready for her return on Monday!

So there it is, Mrs Clints 2000 Honda CR-V. An averagely average car for getting from point A to point B without any dramas or excitement. As I said when we got the thing, it's OK, and that in my mind is both its strengths and weakness. 

Um, and if you don't hear from me again, I'll be under the patio!