Episode 84. Hot Rod and Custom Drive In Day 2018.

Billed as the he South’s biggest Hot Rod and Custom event it was a cool, and overcast old day when I arrived at the Hot Rod and Custom Drive In Day held at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Pure laziness meant that instead of taking the Firebird, I took the Scorpio as I got up late, and didn't want to go and get the Firebird out. This meant that as it's not really what you'd call a show car of any stretch of the imagination, I had to pay full price for entry, a whopping £24.75! Frankly that is far too much money to attend a car show, and even if I had attended in the Firebird I would've still got stung for £12!! Anyway, enough whinging about the greed of the motor museum, it was a fairly good show, although saying it is the biggest Hot Rod and Custom event in the South might be stretching it a bit, I've been to larger shows, and they were cheaper too, but like I said, it was pretty good. Anyway, enough words for now, just pictures. Enjoy...

Thanks for looking!