Episode 80. Chevrolet LUV. WA54 HYP. (Part 10).

Since buying this little truck it has been absolutely brilliant for me, and I really can't fault it. But for a while now I've been thinking that it was time for a change, time for something new, time to stop hauling everyone elses crap around for them!

With that in mind, I put it up for sale, this, I might add, was quite a reluctant sale because having a pick up of any description is very handy. But for someone with a family, having a crew cab pick up is probably handiest of all, as we can all jump in, and go wherever we want to go. Plus we have the added benefit of being able to take all manner of stuff with us. Anyway...

Away it goes! The chap that collected it had a little wander around it, started it, and then we had a little chat about it. He remarked that it was the cleanest one he'd picked up today, and it was only 09:00hrs!! I chuckled and asked him how many he had picked up today, and he told me this was the third one of the day! Crikey, glad I wasn't first on his collection list! He went on to say that although the bed and tailgate was a little bit dented, this one was one of the best ones he'd ever bought. Hmm, third one of the day, and best one he'd ever bought, I started to wonder why he was buying up pick ups, so I asked him how many does he buy, and does he buy them often? He said that he buys between ten and twenty a week, so that's pretty often. Between ten and twenty a week! I wondered what he was doing with so many trucks so I said to him that presumably he is dealing in used pick ups, what does he do with them, where does he sell them on, or does he just break them and sell the spares? He told me that he didn't break them, and infact he sells them straight on. From picking up my pick up it will get driven straight to the docks where it, and the others he's collected this week will get loaded onto a ship, and taken to Syria where it will be sold. By all accounts pick ups are very handy, and sought after in Syria therefore they command a high price, especially if they're four wheel drive. My feeling is that I should be looking out for my truck being the star of a new story on a news channel quite soon! If you do happen to be reading this in Syria, look after my truck, it's been an excellent thing for me! So what else can I say?

Well, I like it better without the Truckman type top as I prefer my pick-ups to be pick-ups as I feel that with the top on it's more of a van. However for the most part I have kept the top on as its such a faff to remove it as I had bolted it on for greater security. Also, with the top on its just better for when we're going away for the weekend or something as we can just throw our luggage in the back, lock the tailgate and top and it's safe then, we don't need to worry about it. But having said that, to date I have not had anything stolen from the open bed of any of my pick-ups yet, not even my toolboxes when I've been at work. But removing them from sight does remove the temptation I feel. I remember Jeremy Clarkson reviewing the Ford F-150 Lightning on Top Gear many moons ago, and as I remember it, one of his main concerns was indeed having stuff stolen from the bed of his truck. But like I say, I've not had stuff stolen from my trucks yet, but I do always think that when I get back, if it's in the open bed, it may well not be there! I guess this is just a sign of the times.

But apart from the fear of having stuff stolen from my open bed I do quite like it. As well as being a handy thing to have I do actually quite like driving the thing. It's not particularly fast, although it is fast enough to put you in the land of the licence-less, but it is comfy, and I like how it drives. If I'm brutally honest it's not the best truck I've ever had, that accolade goes to my 2008 Ford Ranger. It's not even my favourite one, that accolade when I put on my rose-tinted glasses goes to my Dodge Dakota. But I do like it, and I like it a lot. With over 245,000 miles on the clock it drives really well, survived two tours of duty across Europe, and has performed faultlessly no matter what I have asked of it.

 Under the bonnet despite my earlier mis-hap at the fuel station nearly 33,000 miles ago the Isuzu 4JA1-L engine purred away quite happily. I really was quite concerend when I put 3.5 gallons of Petrol into it, then topped it right up with Diesel, in a bid to dilute it enough that it wouldn't harm the engine. But it would appear that putting Petrol into it has done it no harm at all, and it still runs like a champ! You could drive this thing all day long, with no problems, we've covered hundreds of miles in a single day for several days in a row with not even a hiccup.

Despite it's high mileage it still has tonnes of power, even dragging a big heavy car like the Barracuda it did without any effort at all. Up hill, down hill, and on the flat you hardly noticed that you were pulling anything at all. I am now starting to question my logic behind selling the thing!

Inside, despite it being the poverty spec LUV it was pretty good, who needs leather and air conditioning anyway? The grey plastic expanse of the dashboard is perhaps a little bit bland, but honestly who looks at the dashboard when they're driving along? The steering wheel was of the tilt and slide variety, and was comfortable to grip, and position in a place where the big gauges were easy to read.

The front seats, despite being made from a very hard wearing cloth were fairly comfortable, and supportive. Driving the Chev-suzu was pretty good, and very comfortable even if you were in the driving seat all day. I've had more expensive cars before now where I've been constantly fiddling with the seat in order to get it into a position where it was comfortable, but not this. I adjusted the seat when I bought it a coupe of years ago, and I've not needed to adjust it since.

In the back  my two little monsters thought it was pretty good too. With three seats, and only two monsters they both had plenty of room to stretch out even on long journeys. Although it has to be said that they still managed to poke at each other and itrritate one another on those long journeys! But atleast they were comfortable!

I originally planned to sell the truckman top seperately, however the buyer asked if he could have it for a small added fee. I figured that I might as well sell it to him rather than list it on it's own, so I bolted it back on for him. Sadly since buying the truckman top some kind soul has drilled out the locks on it. Quite a bizarre thing as I've never had stuff stolen from the bed, but they took nothing once they'd drilled the lock out, because I had nothing in it at the time. I'll bet that was a surpise for the fucktards that did it!

Inside, much like Old Mother Hubbard when they came there, the cupboard was bare, and so the poor dog had none! For the most part the interior of the bed on the Chev-suzu was empty. I don't like having to just lug stuff around for no reason. However, when I did have a reason it would easily swallow up all our luggage, and even the odd bonnet!

Yep, it was very handy, and we would often put our bikes in there to go off for a day of riding. I remember my Dad doing this when we were kids, putting our bikes in the back of his estate car. It was kind of a struggle to get mine, and my two Brothers bikes in the car, but he did it. But I can get our four bikes into this with ease, especially with the top off, but it's not even that difficult with it on.

I think that due to being asked to haul everyone elses stuff about all the time I will have a break from pick up ownership. I know I should just say no when they ask, but I don't like to be unhelpful, even though it does get tiring quite quickly. I have thought about buying myself some sort of 4x4 though, as I have just realised that I don't have anything to tow with at the moment, but I'm not going to rush into it. Maybe it's time for another Range Rover... Or maybe I should just fit a tow bar to Mrs Clints Honda CR-V! Probably not, she's still reeling from the flowers that my biggest Monster and I stuck all over it! I must admit that I do like the look of the Chevrolet LUVs, and the Isuzu Rodeos, and I would have another one at some point, however, I think if I do get another one I will probably be looking out for either a single cab, or a king-cab, although at this point in time I have seen neither a Chevrolet LUV, or Isuzu Rodeo/Dmax in king-cab format. But this doesn't mean they don't exist, it's just I've not noticed one. Now that I'm thinking about it I don't see all that many Chevrolet LUV, or Isuzu Rodeo/Dmax's at all when I'm out and about. I'm guessing that the most popular pick up on the roads in the UK is probably the Ford Ranger, and that would be closely followed by either the Nissan Navara, or Mitsubishi L200. So I'm wondering now if what I've just parted company with is a rare little gem of a pick up, but only time will tell. Besides, I noticed the other day something called a Great Wall Steed, priced at less than £15,000 for a brand new truck it's almost worth buying a new one, and keeping it until it's run into the ground. I would even go as far as to say that it's probably a re-hashed Isuzu Rodeo, as from the A-pillar back it has a very similar look, just with a fairly plain looking face on the front. I may well at some point take one out for a test drive, but as good as the price tag is, it's probaly best I don't buy one as I'd probably get bored of it after a year or two, and then want to sell it on for no other reason than I just needed a change! Change is good!