Episode 46. Ford Mustang. WK05 AOU. (Part 1).

The trouble with having an old car hobby, or even just a car hobby, is that when you have a collection of cars, you can't drive them all at once, and subsequently, some get pushed to the sidelines a bit. This is why it's taken me 46 posts to mention my daily driver, my "regular" car which has been a bit neglected of late, my little Pony, my 2005 Ford Mustang! This was the last time I drove it... Way back in August!!

This car has served me well since 2005, and although I don't seem to drive it very much at the moment, I do miss driving it quite a lot.

The poor thing gets used and abused in all weathers and to be honest it copes very well with most enviroments.

It lives outside in the cold, the wind, the rain, and occaisionally in the sunshine!

But no matter what other cars I have clogging up BelongaClint it's always there, always waiting, and always ready to go! To date, this is the only brand new car I've ever bought. It was originally bought because Mrs Clint had managed to get herself knocked up, and one night, several months before the arrival of our first little monster she told me that it was time that I stopped running about in a late '70's Mitsubishi, and that I should get something else, something more practical, something modern! I loved my Mitsubishi Celeste, but with a lack of seatbelts etc. I sort of agreed to her logic. So, we had a long chat about it all, and what I needed to do to prepare for the arrival of little monster #1. I asked her what sort of car she thought I should invest in? Her response was that I should sell the Celeste, a thought that horrified me! Then get something a bit more modern! That's it, I asked, thats the only rules for our next car? She sat there and thought for a while, and eventually she came up with some more criteria that I needed to meet. So, our new car (or new to us) needed to be according to Mrs Clint, as new as possible, seat four, be from a mainstream manufacturer like a FORD (not a kit car or something obsolete), and lastly be as cheap as possible! Ok I said, no problem, leave it with me! I then "sold" the Celeste and went on the hunt... Please notice how the word sold is in speech marks, this may be important at some point in the future as actually it still lurks in a council garage! I then jumped on the internet to find something suitable... Anyway, several months later Mrs Clint was starting to get a little on the large side when I arrived home grinning like an idiot (well, more than an idiot than usual!) Mrs Clint was slumped in a chair when I walked in, Good news, I said (in my best Jeremy Clarkson voice), I've got it! Got what she said? The new car, come and have a look! She reluctantly got up, and waddled out into the street where I proudly went, TA-DAAAAAAAAAAA! Then pointed at the Mustang! Ha ha she said, now where is it? I said, you're looking at it, looking at her with a grin about twelve parcepts wide like Han Solo! Thats not it, she said! I said, why not, this meets your criteria. No it doesn't she said! So I chirped in, yes it does, you said it needed to be as new as possible, it's brand new. Seat four, look, four seats! And it needed to be from a mainstream manufacturer, like a Ford, It is a FORD... I've nailed it baby, I've nailed it! She just looked at me totally unimpressed, and said, You're an idiot! That's not what I had in mind, and started to waddle off. So then I said, don't worry, I'll get you a Volvo or something! This was met with what would only be described as a Gordon Ramsey type rant, and I was told in no uncertain terms that if I was having the Mustang, then she needed to have something cool too, which was how we ended up buying a Thunderbird... Another car that I still miss to this day! Anyway, back in the summer holidays, in August I was thinking how much I miss driving my Mustang. Because lately I've hardly touched my it 

It was time to change all of that, the beaten up Chevrolet infront of it has been doing a lot of driving lately, so...

I decided to take a bit of a break from work etcetera, and I took it out for a long weekend to my secret hideout. Incase you're wondering, yes I did take Mrs Clint and our two little monsters too, it wasn't a romantic weeked for me and my Mustang... I'm not that kind of fella! But it was the first time I'd driven it properly in a long time. I know in the photo above the hill my hideout is on doesn't look all that steep, but believe me when you're walking up that hill it is pretty darn steep! Also, now that I think about it, when you're driving down that hill in the snow, it looks pretty darn steep too!!

There really is nothing I don't like about this car, even it's shadow looks fantasitic!

I pointed the nose of the Mustang west, and headed off just plodding along at a steady old 65-70 mph (max economy setting! To be fair, its a V6 and it's unbelieveably good on fuel!), and within about three hours, we were at our secret hideout on the hill. This place has been neglected of late too, I havn't been there for ages now. But I do miss this place, and it was great to go there again, just sit down, unwind, and relax. No telly, no 'tinternet, no phone... Nothing... Don't get me wrong I could have all of those things, but I can't be bothered with it when I'm there. I just want to go out, wander about, go to the beach etc. When I lived there full time for about 18 months, I didn't even bother having a telly of the internet then either! Man oh man do I miss it!

I mean, look at that view! Thats the sea in the distance, and it only takes ten minutes to walk there from my hideout! It's brilliant, I'm sure you've all probably realised by now that my hideout is in Wales. As I plodded along the M4 the sky was pretty grey and cloudy as I approached the Severn bridge, but as I passed Cardiff the sun came out and the warmth from it soon was beating through my windscreen. Although it was still pretty chilly out. Maybe it's just that I was away from the mudanity of my everyday chores that are my working day, maybe it's because the sun was out, maybe it's because I was out and about in one of my favourite cars I've ever owned. Or maybe it's because of all of these things that I felt properly chipper for the first time in a long time... Of course, it is entirely possible that it was because when I took the above photo I was on my way to Monnis Fish & Chip shop in Swansea for some top grade tucker, the food there really is very nice, it's almost worth the three hours drive alone! Anyway, this all seems so very long ago now, and with the colder darker winter evenings setting in my seasonal affective disorder is trying its hardest to get a good tight grip on me! The battle will rage on for a good couple of months until I start to see the evidence of the longer evenings creeping in! But the other day I thought that maybe I needed to go out for a spin in it just for fun, as I thought that the MOT must be soon, I thought that I'd better check when it runs out before heading out onto the open road with it. Good thing I checked too, it ran out in September!! BUM!! This is probably mainly due to being rushed off my feet with work, and other projects. So I a quick look around the Mustang for anything that might need attention before the dreaded MOT... I don't know why I dread the MOT, but I feel exactly the same about taking my car for a MOT as I do about taking myself to the Dentists! Anyway, the only thing I could find that needed attention was the rear fog light was cracked. I never liked the fog light they put on for the SVA when I brought it into the country, it always looked cheap, platicky, and horrible! However, it did the job. So I figured that now was as good a time as any to upgrade to a prettier fog light.

Thats better! I bought this small pair which were made from stainless steel, and have glass lenses, and they're pretty damn bright too! I bolted these on using some brackets that I had made up from an old bed frame (I know, it sounds bad, but they looks ok now it's done!) and I thought that was it, I'm good to go, but then it didn't quite go according to plan. Firstly, leaving the thing with it's handbrake on for a few months is bad, it just didn't want to move, but then after a couple of minutes trying to go backwards and forwards to ease it off, it freed up, but of course the handbrake doesn't work now, the cable was seized, and therefore now that I have managed to get the handbrake off, I can't get it back on again... BLAST!! Still, not to worry, I'll get it fixed, so I jumped on t'internet to get me a new one. Usually I go straight to the States for parts as they're usually cheaper, but I was in a hurry. I found a company that was selling them on ebay in the UK, and promised delivery within the week, so I bought the new hand brake cables from them and paid them straight away in the hope that I would get them sooner... Ha haaaaa, what a laugh! It's been over a week since I ordered them, and I'm still waiting! I called them up to ask where they had got to, and apparently they're on their way and should be with me soon, within the next five to ten days!! Hopefully I should get them fitted soon, and then with any luck if I can get a couple of hours away from work I'll get it MOT'd soon, so I can drive it again! The Jag is nice, but the Mustang is best!