Episode 44. Opel Monza. LUR 240V. (Part 2).

It's so damn annoying! Well, I finally had to move it from it's resting place due to losing my storage, and so I did try to sell it on the bay of E, this was a pointless excercise really but there you go. So I listed it once, and got a couple of bidders, I listed it saying it was probably best used as a source of spares as it's very rusty! Started the bidding at just 99p with no reserve, and we were off. So the auction ends at £203.00! Great, so I contact the guy, and get no response, I try to contact him again several times over the next couple of days or so, and still nothing!! IDIOT!! Oh well, I guess I'll report this W+Anchor, and relist the thing, which I did, this time as often seems to be the case there's even less interest, but eventually it sells for just £167.00... Great, so I contact the winning bidder, and he responds, and says he'll be down for it by the end of the week. I thought that'll be cool, but then towards the end of the week I send him another email asking when he was hoping to collect it, no response! Eventually after a couple more emails asking when he was coming I get an email back from him saying he's can't come as he lives in Ireland and can't get over to collect it, and can't find anyone to deliver it, so on and so fourth!! He suggests that I offer it to the next guy down the list. But by this point I'm well and truly cheesed off, and really need it gone as soon as possible! So I decide to call a scrap metal man thinking I'll just scrap it and thats the end of it. This is something that I hate doing, but the fact of the matter was it needed to go. So I called up a scrap collector who told me that it wasn't worth his while picking it up as it was only worth about £30 to £40 in scrap!! I did eventually find one that would collect it for me, but it was going to cost ME £50 for him to come out and collect it!! Is scrap Iron and Steel really worth so little? Anyway with nothing to take it to the scrapyard in myself, there was just no other option... (If you happen to have a particular loving for Opel Monzas, might I suggest scrolling past the next images, or better still, just stop reading this post right now!)

Right then... No time to lose, Interior out and then time to get busy with the disc cutter! It was really REALLY rusty, far worse than the Carlton, and that's bad! I really thought that this could be saved, and asked all my friends but they all said no, even the ones who do this kind of stuff for a living. One of them summed it up best like this:- "If the engine and running gear were good, but the bodywork was knackered I'd say, ok, let's fix it up... If the bodywork was good, but the engine and running gear was knackered I'd say, ok, let's fix it up... But the bodywork is knackered and the engine and running gear is knackered so best not get too involved in it! Nice seats though!" Not happy at all!! But every silver lining has its cloud, and the destruction of my Monza yielded me a very good condition green interior.

Which hopefully will go someway to appease the car gods as I salvaged it from the sacrifice of the Monza in order to possibly use it on the Carlton. I now actually have three interiors for the Carlton, a brown one which is original, a grey one, and this green one. But out of the three the green one is in the best condition, the grey one is good, but it must have been a real poverty spec car as it's got a lot of vinyl and the front seats don't even have the holes for headrests, let alone headrests themselves. The original brown interior is very tired, so I'm fairly sure it won't be that one that gets used! Once the interior was salvaged time had run out for the old thing and it had to go, and so in a day it went from the pictures above to...

See... It really was pretty rotten, but that still doesn't make me feel better about chopping it up!

Chop chop...

It still had a full tank of go-go juice! When I flipped it over it all ran out and collected in the wheel arches... That was the end of cutting with the angle grinder for the day!

I HATE doing stuff like this, it feels so counter-productive. I feel like I've violated some sort of code amoungst car lovers, and the car gods are now looking down at me frowning, and they're not happy... Not happy at all!! But At this point I really had no option, I couldn't even give it away! I have however managed to save anything that was worth saving which will all end up on ebay over the next couple of weeks/months! Of course if after I've listed it and it doesn't sell, sadly that will be taken to the scrapyard in the end too... Stupidy, after I had spent a couple of days cutting it all up some fella came by in a Transhit pick up full of scrap and asked me if he could take it away! Typical! So I gave it to him, and gave him the documents as he said he'd need them at the scrapyard...

There is a bright side to all this however, and that is that the engine, gearbox, and back axle did manage to find a new home, and are going to be rebuilt for a Monza that is currently being restored. I've always loved the Opel Monza, or Vauxhall Royale, and this little episode has made me even more determined to get a good one, in good working order... Someday!