Episode 29. Chevrolet LUV WA54 HYP. (part 4).

Just a little update on the health of the Chev-suzu since my mis-fuelling incident...

Over a thousand miles since I stopped using my hybrid Petrol/Diesel mix, and started to once again use only diesel in the fuel tank like it was designed to use it is still pulling like a train! However, I am still getting ribbed by Mrs Clint every time I go to fill up. I pull up at the pumps, and before I can open the door she says, "Remember this drinks diesel, thats the black pump dear, y'know, incase you are having difficulty in remembering in your old age!" I don't think I'll ever live this down! And yes, the post-it note is still inside the fuel filler flap! Joking aside though, I'm just glad that it would appear that I have done no damage to my Chev-suzu by putting the wrong fuel into it... Maybe I was lucky!