Episode 20. Volkswagen Caddy F475 XEJ (part 2).

Before long, as good as it is, I'd got to the point where I've had my fill of the Caddy! I like it, it's good, and infact it's far better than I ever imagined it was going to be, but it's time for a change, I've scratched that itch (possibly) and checked VW Caddy off my list, and it's time to get something else ticked off the list now!

I had hoped that re-homing this won't be too difficult as ever since I bought it, atleast once a week I'd come back to it to find a note stuck under the wiper blades saying if you ever want to sell this, give me a call, or that sort of thing. Well, I kept all the notes by my computer, and I'd kept them in order from the first one I received on the top, to the one that I got last week, which is on the bottom.

(See pic above!) There's quite a lot there written on various scraps of paper, business cards, receipts, even a bit of Izal toilet paper (if you can call it that!) Nice! I figured that I would to start phoning the numbers on the various bits of paper, starting from the top, and working my way though the pile, and I wondered how far through the pile I'd get before I'd have a buyer? So the following morning at 09:30 hrs I picked up the telephone, and dialled the first number. The phone rang for quite a little while, but as I was just about to hang up I heard, "Uh... Hello?" I have a feeling that I may have got somebody out of bed! Hello, I said, you left a piece of paper with your phone number on it on my car about six months ago, I am thinking about selling it, so I thought I'd give you a call. "Ok", said the voice, still slightly dazed and confused, "Er, what car is it?" I said, it's a Volkswagen Caddy. Quick as a flash the guy said, "Is it a blue one?" He sounded much more awake now! Yes, I said, its a... Before I could finish my sentence I was interupted by "AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!! Goddammit!! I've just bought one! A red one." Fair enough I said, well, have a good day. "Wait, WAIT!" came the reply "Can I come and have a look at it?" Sure, I said, when do you have in mind? "Well, I dunno, said the voice, I'm about four and a half hours drive from you, so the weekend?" Ok I said, what day, and what sort of time are you hoping to arrive? There was a short pause, and then he said, "I dunno, I'll phone you back, please please don't sell it until I phone you back!" Ok I said, if I don't hear from you before this time tomorrow though I will offer it to someone else. "Ok" He said, "But you'll hear from me again today!" We said our goodbyes and hung up. I figured that now was as good a time as ever to go out and get a few snaps of the Caddy just incase someone does actually buy it. So with the rays of the large golden orb beating down on my bald head I decided to head out and take some photos. I stumbled across a place a couple of weeks back, and I thought that I'd go there and try to take something a bit better, on a better camera than the one my crap old Nokia phone has.

Not long after hanging up my phone rang again, I answered, and it was the guy I'd spoken to just a couple of hours before hand. The voice on the other end said, "Can I have your address please so that I can work out where you are." Ok I said, and gave him my address. "Great!" He said, "If you're about tonight, I'll come tonight!" OK I said, I can be about tonight, what sort of time do you have in mind? " 'Bout half five, sixish?" Came the reply. Crikey, I thought, this guy must be keen, ok I said, see you then, bye! I went back home, and started cooking Pizza for my two little monsters and I to eat for dinner, and started wondering if this guy was going to show up at all. Even if he does, how much will he offer me? Or how much should I ask him for? Plus now that I was thinking about it, I wasn't sure I really wanted to sell it at all! This little ute had got under my skin a little, and to be quite honest I really liked it. Probably far more than I should've done! But he was actually on his way, and I figured that is he did actually turn up, and had money with him, then really, I'd have to let him have it. Its the right thing to do.

I just had to keep telling myself that... But maybe he wouldn't turn up... Hopefully.  I was so confused. But I knew that by the end of the evening I'd know for sure! Just a few short hours later I had my answer...

There it goes! Off to start its new life with someone else! I'm still not too sure how I feel about this, but there we go. So what happened here, well the guys showed up right on the dot of half five, sixish! Actually, it was closer to sixish, but they'd come a long way, so I'm going to let them have that! They got out of their truck and immediately started crawling all over and under my Caddy. After nearly an hour of this scrutineering one of them says to me, "so what do you want for it then?" I said, would you like to go for a drive in it first? He said "Does it run? Oh good that'll make it easier to load up, what would you like for it?" I gave him a figure that had more than enough leeway for a bit of bartering. He then just said "Fair enough!" Then got a huge wad of cash out of his pocket and started counting it out infront of me! No arguing, no bartering, no trying to knock me down a bit... Nothing!.. I should've asked for more! What the heck? He then just drove it up onto his transporter, we did the paperwork, shook hands, and he headed off into the late evening sun! I don't get it, you always try to indulge in a bit of bartering don't you? But he said to me that it was the best one he'd seen in years, he reckoned that the red one he had just bought was good, but this one is better.

So what was it like to have, own, and drive?

Well, when I bought it, it was a one owner Caddy with 121,000 miles on it's 1.6 litre engine with full service history, and twelve months MOT! But I was worried that much like my Golf cabriolet, and my Scirocco which I felt were both a bit on the bland side that I wouldn't enjoy the Caddy. But I needant have worried I really quite liked the Caddy. It is very utilitarian, but thats one of the things I like about it, it's great. It's light, nimble, and pretty responsive, it's good fun to drive, and of course it ticks VW Caddy off the list, as they've been on the list since they were new!

The 1.6 litre petrol engine is never going to set the world alight, but it's quite revvy, quite resposive, and because the Caddy is fairly light when it has nothing in the bed, it a nice little mover! Every morning on the way to school we go up this fairly steep hill with a long left hand bend at the bottom, then a short straight, then a long right hand bend in the middle, then another long straight. It blasts up there very well, and is kind of a hoot to drive!

Inside the name of the game here is utility, much like the rest of the thing. This is no modern pick up with all it's mod-cons, this pretty much has peasant transport written all over it, You could almost just hose its interior down, and I love it for that! Cheapest seats in the Volkswagen range no doubt, but it had to be said that they were pretty comfy, even on a long journey. No carpet, and no sound deadening, so it was pretty loud in the cab with that powerhouse of an engine sitting just ahead of you roaring away!

The dash was pretty much no frills much like the rest of the truck. You got a speedo, which worked, but also a tempreature gauge, fuel gauge, and clock, none of these worked! You also got a radio, which also didn't work! Plus a set of heater controls, I dunno what they were connected up to, because guess what, that didn't work either! But to me, none of this mattered, this was all part of the charm of this little thing! All that mattered to me was that the engine worked, the gearbox worked the steering worked, and the brakes worked, as far as I was concerened that was good enough! I have friends who kept saying I needed to wire up a stereo so I could have some bangin toones while I drove! They just couldn't understand that I didn't need bangin toones, I just wanted to get out there and drive it, not faff around with stereo installations...

For me possibly the best thing about the Caddy is how it looks, and the condition it was in, just look at that bed!! Yes its got rusty scratches, but it's not dented to death, or have any holes rusted through. Nearly every Caddy I looked at when I was looking for one had a completely knackered bed. But not only would the bed be knackered, but the tailgate would also be pretty beaten about...

But not on this one... Look at that!! Hardly a mark on it! This was the thing with this Caddy, the bodywork, although it was clear that it had been used, it was also pretty evident that it hadn't been abused.

Look at it... Absolutely gorgeous! Just the right amount of patina to be perfect! I really really have nothing bad to say about it, nothing at all, it was just perfect!

All in all I'm still really not sure that selling the Caddy was the right thing to do, however I can now say that finally I have had one, but I'm not too sure that this will be the only one I have. If I can find another good(ish) one cheap enough I will probably jump at he chance, but the trouble with that is, as I have found out on several occasions before, I will never be satisfied if I get another one that isn't as good as this one due to having this one before. But time will tell, perhaps another one will grace my driveway, and then again perhaps not. All I know is that for now, Volkswagen Caddy has been ticked off my list, and a new chapter has begun. I have picked up its replacement, and I am ready to drive it.


  1. Hi. I'm shocked this is my caddy! I brought this when the first lockdown was lifted. I'd love to hear more about it or see more pictures if you still have them ? My email is natheyredworth98@gmail.com


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